Politics of Fashion: Styles of McCain, Obama, Palin

She's really all about that pop of color. Last night, wearing that green dress and sitting in a sea of Republicans, she stood out like a blazing light. I did not like the dress. I thought it a little odd. But I think she's a beautiful woman and can get away with it. Women of America will not necessarily be able to duplicate her penchant for Chanel pumps, Chanel watches or Oscar de La Renta frocks. But she will inspire women to wear color with confidence, to bring out the double-stranded pearls and to ultimately work toward finding a personal style that emphasizes who a woman can become when she finds her "look." Michelle Obama

Chase: Michelle Obama is clearly her own woman. She is smart, accomplished, well-educated and independent. So are her fashion choices. Michelle knows what she looks good in and wears a lot of sheath dresses that are feminine and modern but she is not a couture kind of girl. The thing that Michelle is doing so well that Jackie Kennedy was famous for is her color choice. She chooses colors that are soft, never too bright, and wears smaller prints.

Michelle is walking the line between fashiony and modern. She has not alienated people who can't fill their cars with gas and feed their children.

Goodkind: Michelle Obama is a trailblazer, in that she is the first black woman standing by the first black presidential nominee in the history of the United States. So befitting of a "strong trailblazer," she has shown her ability to carry and successfully pull off bold prints (shown in the Thakoon Panchugal dress worn during her husband's acceptance of the Democratic nomination) and form-fitting dresses that show off and flatter her stature and toned body. She is youthful, confident and independent.

She is a shining example of being able to use accessories -- the larger-scale pearls or wide belt. That wide belt really reminds me of Wonder Woman. It says, "I am woman."

"All of these women have a lot of confidence," Chase said. "They look good in what they have on and can carry it off."

Added Goodkind: "We have so many options as women today that our mother's didn't have. The look of now is a multitude of choices, adapting what looks good for your body type and lifestyle."

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