'Top Model': 'Hairspray' Star Kicked My Mom

The C-List celebrity fight that made headlines over the summer is back in the news.

In a categorical display of air rage gone wrong, the families of "Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky and former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Bianca Golden got heated at a Caribbean airport terminal in July, brawling over five "saved seats" and subsequently racking up charges and hospital stints.

Now, for the first time since the fight, Golden is speaking out about the incident. On the Oct. 8 episode of "The Tyra Banks Show," the ex-"Top Model" contestant says Blonsky and her father Carl "punched my mom."

"He knocked her out," Golden says, according to People magazine. "He hit my mom with such force she stumbled back, and when she stumbled back the whole family got up and attacked my mom."


It got more brutal, she adds. According to Golden, when her mother, Eleine, was on the ground, Nikki "takes her foot and kicks my mom in her vagina, and that's when my mom fell out completely.

"When Nikki kicked my mom, I went and grabbed her arm and she grabbed my earring," Golden says. "Her mom sat on her to get her off of me, 'cause her mom saw what was happening and that was that."

Golden claims her mother was airlifted to a hospital, from the Providenciales International Airport on the island of Turks and Caicos, with internal bleeding, a broken nose and a fractured skull. She says her mother is still reeling from the July 29 brawl.

"Her face is still black and blue," she says.

Blonsky, her dad and Golden all were arrested on assault charges. Blonsky was charged with assault and actual bodily harm, and common assault, while her father was charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm. Golden was charged with assault and doing actual bodily harm, and is due in court in the Turks and Caicos on Dec. 1.

A representative for Blonsky declined to comment on Golden's claims on "The Tyra Banks show," telling People: "Since this is a pending legal issue, we've been advised by her lawyer not to comment."

But earlier in September, Blonsky opened up about the fight to "Entertainment Tonight," saying, "You never expect things like this in your life, but you take life one day at a time, and you deal with situations."

Blonsky, Golden and Bad Etiquette

The brawl went down while both families were waiting on flights.

Airports, with their rules, long lines and lengthy delays, can be stressful places where good manners sometimes get swept aside, said Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute.

According to Post, it is OK to save seats, but fighting over them is bad manners.

"I think the rule on saving seats is that people need to be reasonable," he said. "There is no formula for how many saved seats make it OK. It doesn't matter if it's one or three or five. You can't make a formula based on the size of the room and the number of available seats.

"If people are getting a magazine or using the restroom, but they're around, it's reasonable that you can hold their seat for them," he said.

Post said if someone has been "unreasonable" and occupied most of the seats in a room, or reserved seats for people who will never materialize, it is best to go to someone in charge for help rather than get into a fight.

"Frankly, if it is really bad, say saving 10 or 20 or 35 seats, you might get the person in charge of theater or airline and ask for help," Post said. "Let them deal with the situation."

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