Heather Locklear Charged With DUI

Heather Locklear has been charged with a misdemeanor driving under the influence in connection with her arrest in September.

The Santa Barbara District Attorney's office filed the complaint Monday, alleging that Locklear was driving under the influence of drugs, "to wit: prescription medications," Sept. 27, the day she was arrested.

That was when a celebrity news reporter called 911 to report that Locklear appeared to be driving drunk, and then took photographs of the actress' DUI arrest, the woman's lawyer told ABCNews.com.

Jill Ishkanian, a former reporter and editor at Us Weekly magazine, called police the night of Sept. 27, saying Locklear appeared intoxicated, after what Ishkanian's lawyer, Nick Tepper, described as a chance encounter with Locklear in a Montecito, Calif., market.

Ishkanian then sold the photographs through an intermediary to the celebrity news site TMZ.com for $27,500, Tepper said in a written statement to ABCNews.com.

He denied that Ishkanian was following Locklear or that she set up the star to be arrested and photographed.

"There was no setup and there's no moral ambiguity," Tepper said, adding that there were other witnesses to the incident. "If you see someone driving impaired, you call the police and that's what she did. The implication that somehow my client did something wrong is absurd and defamatory."

In the statement to ABCNew.com, Tepper said, "The fact that [Ishkanian] witnessed Ms. Locklear's erratic driving and reported it to the police did not mean she was disqualified from reporting the story, which she, in fact, did. Like any intrepid reporter, she was ready -- as always -- for the story and reported it when news broke."

Reached by phone, Locklear's attorney, Blair Berk, declined to comment on the latest development or on any news about her client's arrest.

The former "Dyansty" and "Melrose Place" star was arrested Sept. 27 in what appeared to be a standard celebrity mishap.

According to the California Highway Patrol, when officers responded to the scene, Locklear's car was obstructing the traffic lane, and she "appeared to be disoriented."

Officers arrested Locklear after performing a DUI test, the state highway patrol said. "Although obvious impairment was exhibited during the tests, alcohol was ruled out as a factor," said the highway patrol. Locklear was subsequently arrested on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance.

TMZ reported that Ishkanian called paparazzi after making the 911 call. Earlier, Tepper denied the TMZ report, saying that Ishkanian was not involved with the photographs, which are credited to KM Press.

When asked about court and business records obtained by ABCNews.com that appeared to show a connection between Ishkanian and KM Press, Tepper released a statement admitting that Ishkanian was the photographer.

Tepper said Ishkanian did not credit herself with taking the photographs because she is involved in a $55 million lawsuit against her former employers at Us Weekly, making her a "persona non grata in the industry." He said his client was only performing "her civic duty" when she called 911.

Ishkanian, a former reporter and West Coast bureau chief for Us Weekly, left the magazine in 2005 and started Sunset Photo and News, a celebrity photo agency for whom she no longer works.

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