Celebrity Vigilantes? Stars Crime-Fighting in Hollywood

The man tried to escape through the doors to the next car, but they were locked and the train started to pull away from the station, McCullough said.

Now, McCullough was locked inside the car, alone with the other man. But the man had run out of steam, McCullough said. The man sat at one end of the car, pulled out a vodka bottle and took a drink.

McCullough said he shouted at him, "You are f***ed."

When the guy stood up and brandished the knife, McCullough said, he told him, "Sit, the f*** back down."

McCullough said the train stopped before leaving the station, and a conductor came and ushered him out, leaving the other man. About 10 police officers then jumped on the train and handcuffed the guy, McCullough said.

At the 33rd Precinct, McCullough said he learned that his assailant, identified as James Torres, 39, 6'3" and 240 pounds, had a long arrest record and once allegedly had stabbed two officers.

When one of the officers recognized McCullough from his role on "CSI," he was asked to sign autographs and take pictures.

"It's just a very surreal experience, going from almost getting stabbed to being asked to take pictures and sign autographs," he said. "I'm very thankful it all resolved the way it did."

Drew Barrymore

Charlie would have been proud of his big-screen angel.

"Charlie's Angels" star Drew Barrymore said she was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident last spring, but rather than stay put, she chased down the other driver and copied down his license plate.

Barrymore was at an intersection in Los Angeles when she was rear-ended just before noon on May 12, 2008, she told Jay Leno when she appeared on his show last October.

"This really mean jerk rear-ends me really hard. He proceeds to scream at me, flip me off, yell obscenities and then take off," she said. "And I was like, 'Oh no, you don't.' And I took off after him. I sped and I ran and I chased."

She said she caught up with him in a shopping center parking lot.

"I ripped open [my] door and I said, 'What are you thinking?'" she said.

When the man cursed at her again and went into a store, Barrymore said she copied down his license plate number and called the police.

Although she declined to press charges, she felt good that she had made her point.

"At least I stood up to the guy. I didn't take it," she told Leno.

"Or I'm just totally crazy," she added. "Other friends have said that was maybe not the smartest approach."

At the time of the incident, sheriff's spokeswoman Sgt. Kristin Aloma told the Associated Press that following someone after an accident was "dangerous."

However, she added that getting a license plate number is a major key to identifying a potential hit-and-run driver.

All in all, nice work, Angel!

Tim McGraw

Apparently, country singer McGraw is a real cowboy.

In a video posted on YouTube, when a large man seemed to harass a woman in the crowd at McGraw's Auburn, Wash., concert last June, the singer shouted from the stage, "Get rid of the guy, security."

McGraw's representative released a statement at the time describing the incident, according to reports: "A man rushed to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan (in proverbial wife-beater t-shirt) attacked a female fan, and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security but when they could not respond quick enough, Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience. He was then turned over to the local authorities."

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