Tips to Win Your Oscars Pool From Film Critic Peter Travers

PHOTO: Peter Travers and his Oscars 2016 predictions.PlayDavid Fazekas/ABC News
WATCH Peter Travers Makes His 2016 Oscars Predictions

Let’s be clear, nobody is telling you to place bets on the Oscars. But if you’re having a few friends over to celebrate the big night, here’s your chance to shine.

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Film critic Peter Travers makes his predictions for the Oscar nominees he thinks will win, but not necessarily those that should win at this Sunday’s big Hollywood extravaganza.

From the best actor and actress match-ups to best director -- some categories are tougher than others to call. But Peter Travers looks back at their performances and breaks down why some roles stand out more than others. And he explains why some nominees are almost shoo-ins, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who is nominated for best actor.

“Is it because he’s better than all those people? I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s the thing,” Travers said on his ABC News Digital show, "Popcorn With Peter Travers."

"Leonardo’s been nominated four times and lost all of those four times. And people are not going to sit still for it," Travers said. "They hate the idea that Leo has been denied his Oscar.”

Be sure to check out Peter Travers’ full list of predictions in the video above. Make notes and impress your friends.

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