Baldwin Family Drama: Top 5 Moments

Those wacky Baldwin brothers. Just when another celebrity family threatens to unseat them as Hollywood's most problem-prone brood (hello, Lohans) the band of actor brothers drums up a new scandal. The latest: Daniel Baldwin filed for divorce from estranged wife Joanne Baldwin, citing her problems with drugs and alcohol as his reason for the split; she proceeded to allegedly violate her probation by drinking.

Sound like a doozy? Read on for some of the lowlights in the Baldwin gang's history of drama.

Daniel Baldwin's Divorce, Part Four
Marriage doesn't seem to be this Baldwin brother's strong suit. Last week, he filed a restraining order against and for divorce from his fourth wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin. In a statement, the 50-year-old Baldwin brother said that his wife's substance abuse made him fear "for the safety of my children and myself." One day after authorities evicted her from the couple's Oregon home, Smith-Baldwin was charged with violating a condition of her probation from a past DUI conviction by consuming alcohol. She remains in jail while Baldwin figures out what to do next.
Rehab Roller Coaster
Daniel Baldwin referred to his own substance abuse problems in revealing his latest divorce. (He and his latest wife met at a Malibu, Calif., rehab clinic, where she was a chef.) Baldwin has waged a very public battle with addiction. In 2007, he attempted to get better and raise his profile by participating in VH1's reality TV series "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew." But after sending inappropriate text messages to a fellow participant on the show, porn star Mary Carey, Baldwin bailed and went on to seek treatment sans cameras.
But Don't Forget His Run-Ins With the Law
Daniel Baldwin's been arrested four times for various infractions. The most memorable: getting charged with reckless driving after cashing his rented Ford Thunderbird into two parked cars while going 80 mph in a 35 mph zone with a suspended license.
Stephen Baldwin's Money Woes
But let's not pile on Danny boy. Stephen Baldwin, 45, has had his share of tough times too. The born-again Christian minister filed for bankruptcy in 2009, saying he was millions of dollars in debt. That year, a website launched to solicit donations for the actor (you can still donate via PayPal).
Alec Baldwin's Voice Mail Heard 'Round the World
Big brother Alec is by far the most successful of the Baldwins, but he, too, has weathered his share of tabloid headlines. In 2007, released a recording of a voice mail the "30 Rock" actor left his then 11-year-old daughter, calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig" for not returning his calls and bashing her mother/his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. Baldwin later apologized for the voice mail and used the incident as inspiration for "Promise to Ourselves," his 2008 book about his struggle to remain part of his daughter's life.
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