2011 CMA Awards

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley host for the fourth time.
3:49 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for 2011 CMA Awards
Just call Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood the dynamic due out of the country music superstars are hosting the 2011. CMA is for the fourth year in a row. The show is this Wednesday night right here on ABC and they join us -- -- satellite from NASA bill. Brad carrying welcome it's great to have you you guys are together again hosting the CMA is how does it -- Yes -- it's great day. We we figured out I think who we are together. And still has the show and that's -- position of strength when you can walk out there and people are ready to laugh. And no kind of what your life together can't figure out your character old homes and hosting yes for sure cannot become the eightieth. And Karen has always been the person be grounded center and grace. For the show. That's easier not to give each other yet that's that's nice to hear how -- -- going so far. Pick -- literally love yesterday we we kind of had our our real. Needing you know event and conference calls and stuff like that over the past month or so. That yesterday it was like -- down you know crunch time. And we we got like are real script yes he'll work hue and look over her and -- also got to -- -- song together which was. -- -- And now we seen it from -- -- -- look like you're having. A lot of signs can you give us some behind the scenes -- -- The show or the Promos -- -- -- dish out. The show. I think that we've as far as we all I'm aware of is really what we're up to on it but I I feel like we are. Swinging for the fence a little bit as hosts and -- -- some good thing I think. We figured out what we're comfortable doing and -- this year we're gonna do that and then some and knocked him. -- fun I love that an awards show is when used when you see no stretch a little bit and I think we are told. My favorite so fired in his favorite. Our dialogue and not our enemy -- instead of my -- your fans of that hearing Kerry you're working on new album -- he added author to your list of talents to -- can you tell us about your album an -- you talk a little bit about your back. My albums American progress. You know I ever wanted to take a step back this year and last year such a huge during -- for me -- kind of when it says you know being married -- -- And and in figure all that stuff -- and down been writing a lot and in the studio quite a bit here lately is that. And will belief in the finishing touches on it sat -- and means. He'll be -- and start there around -- and tour and stuff like that again Farina. -- -- -- -- -- He has been. Started in the book has been great for me is that had a chance to -- Put some stuff down on on the page that I've really needed to think about like who got me here and that -- you know that being my grandfather and what the guitar has meant to me and it's sort of remote there's not really a biography as much as its stories that. Of the way my life was changed. By the guitar and and it's meant to inspire 'cause I think in this -- -- -- looking for that angle. Something that makes them special or different and I was in no way special or different until something -- guitar and and and so I'm I'm -- -- out there. Well we can't wait to hear carrier album and Pratt read your -- it sounds great thanks to both of you so much for joining us today.

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{"id":14898588,"title":"2011 CMA Awards ","duration":"3:49","description":"Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley host for the fourth time. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/2011-cma-awards-14898588","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}