2013 Tribeca Film Festival: All You Need to Know

New festival category let's anyone with "The Vine" app submit a short film... 6 seconds long.
2:24 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2013 Tribeca Film Festival: All You Need to Know
TriBeCa film festival has only been around. For twelve years and for a city that doesn't always -- Finally the newcomers New York has really embrace this event it was started after nine elevenths as a way to fill the world. Just how strong. Leon and this year the festival is dedicated to Boston another city that is going on -- resume. -- There's the typical -- -- -- the buzz about the films the standard film festival fine but things move faster. And TriBeCa is keeping up with this new category. Got six seconds the mind blowing addictive video -- that it belongs at TriBeCa. The festival has a new category for the short attention span powered by the Twitter -- -- -- feature length just a 62. Loop. Cinematic genius. City Marshal and Adam Goldberg we'll crown winner but of course the TriBeCa spotlight always falls on the stars themselves. It's cool and it's an honored at a plant -- impossible just for this being the first and best of -- didn't. It's actually my first time in the festival but I love this city I live in new York and -- -- really New York thing and it's you know started by a very New York kindness movies all about New -- the whole thing is you know you have to think festival. Everyone's excited for teachers like the comedy almost Christmas -- Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti. The documentaries like he's god we trust -- Bernie Madoff secretary. Pulls back the curtain on the -- wizards. The profile of the still acting 87 year old Elaine stretch. And snapshots of the legendary careers lately -- and the late Richard Pryor. Elijah -- jumps from epic trilogy to a shorter medium as a standup comic in setup punch. George Lucas's daughter he wrote the views within intriguing story about a family tragedy in what's left what's lost. Still not convinced project is worth -- a New York cab ride. Go online for the first time the festival's posting some entries or online audiences. Around the world. Dan Butler ABC news New York.

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{"id":19024600,"title":"2013 Tribeca Film Festival: All You Need to Know","duration":"2:24","description":"New festival category let's anyone with \"The Vine\" app submit a short film... 6 seconds long.","url":"/Entertainment/video/2013-tribeca-film-festival-19024600","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}