Adriana Lima Says Leave Gisele Alone

Victoria's Secret angels on Valentine's Day picks, Fashion Week.
2:27 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adriana Lima Says Leave Gisele Alone
What is it six Empresa Victoria's Secret model we asked Adriana Lima -- and -- and Lindsay Ellington. Indiana but the idea to impress you on. We always love. My injuries. Taught class -- him I know that sometimes guys get that even you know. Shiites -- -- -- store but don't worry because we ladies love. -- -- -- -- here's a guy just -- to put effort in Steve around Wednesday for women I feel like it's so important for them to show little bit of love. And how much they care friends so one great. Way -- to kind of trade secret it's very very easy to come here and shop announced Wednesday. And my favorite gift -- is worthless to you cut percent. And it's actually adds to cup sizes to your -- -- it's very sexy its turnaround Wednesday night. I think impressing me with the right lingerie -- think it's sad and think it's something that -- own -- Always do and -- I think it's difficult for a guy to get -- -- -- different ground. But I think it would definitely impressed me when he would come to me with lingerie and the good size. You have to go into the -- and see what size it is because it's really important to get the good side. Sales of talked about Fashion Week and a new organization called the model alliance. I think it's really important that models get -- union like almost everybody else has. Not necessary for me but it's more for the younger residents is starting to get help because they're sometimes. To Leon I -- get paid ticket only traded with clothing and I think. It's important to support them. -- and that's populist. This year. What was more nerve wracking being in that are walking on -- victorious run. None of that I love my -- and -- people that it gets away with very professional so -- enjoy both of them. Everything everything Markey wants and hopes. Toys and of course we have to ask about yourself posting for both -- and I think -- think.

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{"id":15546522,"title":"Adriana Lima Says Leave Gisele Alone","duration":"2:27","description":"Victoria's Secret angels on Valentine's Day picks, Fashion Week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/adriana-lima-says-leave-gisele-bundchen-alone-15546522","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}