Archie Comics Makes Bold Changes

How a gay character & digital comics are changing Riverdale.
3:00 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Archie Comics Makes Bold Changes
Archie comics have been comfort food for fans for seventy years. Readers know when they open and Archie book the gang from Riverdale. Would still be in high school and -- -- still couldn't decide between Betty and Veronica. Lately though the -- embrace some bold innovation and daring story lines what in the name of mr. rather be. Is going on. Okay. Sugar sugar it was a chart Topper for the -- she's in 1969. But these fictional characters are no one hit wonders. -- -- -- Betty and Veronica they are the eternal teenagers of American pop culture. For many comic book fans Archie comics where the gateway drug. Part of the appeal was knowing what you would hit the moment your eyes -- the splash -- Now after seventy years the times they are changing in Riverdale. The boldest move this guy Kevin Keller and openly gay character. In an industry where homosexuality. Is still largely ignored Kevin has in some ways become the new face of Archie comics. One of our writers -- parent call me up one day. -- -- -- I have an idea I wanted to talk to I -- -- on. So we met and he said how would you feel if we had a story where Veronica could not get. The guy she wanted. And I think that Veronica always -- you always get what you want and -- did not list the official -- and he's so well. -- -- -- -- -- And I exit genius. In fact Kevin ties the -- in the age of sixteen of -- departure which comes out in January. It's believed to be the first same sex marriage in comics history. With the comic book industry's -- for new readers -- is embracing change to stay relevant. And it's working. -- profile was definitely reason. Into the stratosphere of course at last year's. That includes team -- with celebrities from sports music even politics. -- -- perhaps the most unlikely team up in comics history President Obama and Sarah Palin. Did you ever hear from the president or from Sara -- from -- can really they both loved it. -- -- In the race to join the digital age RG three other publishers to the -- they win digital same day its previous. They -- the first major publishers do that nearly three million Archie comics have been downloaded so far. We're never gonna get rid of printed comic books -- you have to embrace all the formats. Part of the company's digital make over involves money -- its past. In the spring -- will launch a lot of superhero comics exclusively through digital subscriptions. If you include heroes dating back decades to the golden age of comics. Characters like the fly. Created by comics legends Jack curry and Joseph Simon and -- shield a patriotic superhero who predates. Captain America. So can you. You have kind of a portrait of what these super resident -- -- -- -- -- different from DC tomorrow. Well gave him marveled -- doing little door on their superheroes you know that really aged up in this story lines are getting a little. You know I think off the -- quite honestly with what they're doing with the books are isn't going to be more like Incredibles. You know they're not gonna be watered down superheroes but they're not -- -- be aged up all the ways that -- -- -- be for everybody kind of what Archie is for everybody. Archie CEO John Goldwater has big plans to bring the company's vast library of characters to movie theaters and TV screens. Well I think Archie is gonna take over Hollywood I really do I mean we have so much content -- -- few weeks have been attended -- -- in the pussy cats. Then it was time before the last question the only question that really matters when it comes to Archie. Is -- Betty or Veronica hands on the day. -- -- --

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{"id":15224170,"title":"Archie Comics Makes Bold Changes","duration":"3:00","description":"How a gay character & digital comics are changing Riverdale.","url":"/Entertainment/video/archie-comics-gay-cartoon-books-15224170","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}