'Argo': Trailer

Dramatization of a 1980 CIA operation to pull six American fugitives out of Iran.
2:24 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for 'Argo': Trailer
The -- The six hostages went on a back exit where -- Canadian investors. Regards going door to door. -- -- They've had badly Williams who wants this excellent. We like this. Bicycles. Delivered -- -- provide them with maps or you could just send in training wheels and -- from the border Decatur. Take a miracle to get -- I got an idea they're Canadian film crew for -- science fiction -- I plan to Tehran we all slept together you don't. He major victory clues from Hollywood for the big show without actually doing -- the death of her room. -- -- -- -- Moonscape -- desert -- an exotic location shoot TV producer if I'm go to fake movie is going to be big. Good -- bad idea than this this is the best bad idea we have certain. By far. You have 72 hours. Young people -- -- was paralyzed. Little stories can make a difference -- -- -- -- mellow sort is the only -- between unit under.

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{"id":18154114,"title":"'Argo': Trailer","duration":"2:24","description":"Dramatization of a 1980 CIA operation to pull six American fugitives out of Iran.","url":"/Entertainment/video/argo-trailer-18154114","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}