'Bachelor' Ben Has a Man Crush

Jimmy Kimmel imagines a different ending to "The Bachelor."
2:08 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' Ben Has a Man Crush
If you follow the batchelor here after you you know that the finale tonight was a real surprise. You know they always say this year's finale is the most shocking one yet well -- time it was. Today is the biggest thing in my life and I I came here -- my soul -- But how could I possibly choose between these two -- people. A -- mine and wasn't easy but deep down I know I'm I'm making the right decision. When I first saw you. I knew you were the one for me. Your kind and gentle and you have that that cute little lap. We've grown so close over the course this journey and that's why -- am. Absolutely confident in what I'm about to do. I don't care what they say. I love you Chris. -- forever. Then of course have been waiting for you to ask. Bend yeah. Then I'm Mary what's. To a woman. And I hope -- The. Okay. Okay. -- the hot air -- but he doesn't listen.

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{"id":15908729,"title":"'Bachelor' Ben Has a Man Crush","duration":"2:08","description":"Jimmy Kimmel imagines a different ending to \"The Bachelor.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-ben-flajnik-has-a-man-crush-15908729","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}