'Bachelor' Ben Meets the Ladies

Purewow.com's Amy Palmer on how a horse and a granny helped get Ben's attention.
4:40 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' Ben Meets the Ladies
New year new drama the bachelor -- company's season and the real housewives of Beverly Hills gave viewers that a New Year's jolts you could say Amy Palmer from -- -- dot com is here Phyllis and on all the details and a happy new year to you happy new year dad always great to be here with you guys -- always great that you stop by because -- and new bachelor last night he met the women and so it's pristine ones among the 25 who showed up at the mansion and which ones that made -- good first impression because that's a lot of are taking notes on it now. Yeah I mean it indeed the producers of the bachelor this year. Went all out and -- of stunts the first one that really needed impression was Lindsay she arrived on imports. And she is Jennifer Aniston thing going in and I think she's really likable and I think Ben really likes her as well as you could see in this footage right here. That's been that anything and -- is certainly not one has been tried before it shouldn't announces that when he went. Also. There was a girl that did a rap as well I mean -- is that the kind of approach that -- looking for. Let me we see this but this girl her name -- Lindsay being when she busted out this wrap my eyebrow went out because I was thinking to myself. We are really. Literally she is like saying to hand and that she's kinda like trying to be a little bit different so it was an interesting take but a lot of the women felt like they had to one up each other and this is a great example. While there there was definitely -- -- you -- -- the competition yet but -- know what the -- that brought her grandmother. -- what is bad about and is not a good technique this is actually really cute. This news young woman brought her 718 year old. Grandmother who actually has a crush on -- as she walked out of the limo in crutches as you could see. And that she just said I am madly in love that you and I want you two marry my granddaughter Brittany so she was -- -- -- a little bit of the rose ceremony in and she laughs but it was definitely a fun stunned to see this the first person this for the bachelor series. Wow he -- grandmothers approval and you know you've already got a good in with the family right -- not unfortunately be the bachelor -- the train wreck our right who's who who's the early favorite Kendall. Hold that role -- -- OK Dan there's a growing Jana she's 27 years old -- in New York City blogger and she just absolutely -- debt she just insane it's too much pressure for her. -- you know you could see an -- she's fighting with girls already it just seems to me that she's just about wine girl that we're all going to say -- absolutely not so why is she honest of course we can't keep our eyes off. Exactly and that's when that everyone's gonna have their their attention because I mean this is early on this is just the very beginning if you see this is too much they want to exhibits -- Play out -- -- switch over now the real housewives of Beverly Hills last night's episode I Taylor finally leaving her husband Russell and it was pretty emotional episode. It was emotional because you really got to see again how involved the women are with this relationship. Taylor ended up calling the girls were vacationing in Hawaii saying that this was it she was leaving Russell that he was moving out so this really the -- -- What we know happened to Russell so it's very I'm compelling television it's reality. Television in a way that we haven't seen it before so it's getting to be very emotional time. -- math together physical beginning of the end there now the other ladies and he mentioned they had went to Hawaii which we from the moment we heard that. There was going to be disaster what happened there. -- can say is that the big thing right now is that. The bikinis are a little too small. These women. And that Brandi Glanville is just you know she's an amazing body she's a model and the men just can't stop looking at her and all the house -- was going crazy over it. So that everything yeah a little bit a little bit at some cat finds and -- -- an -- as speaking of -- -- she made some news of her own this weekend right. She didn't she actually got married in Vegas two -- very good friend of hers his name is Darren Harvey. You can see them right there and they're saying this was a drunk gain New Year's -- type of thing that they're gonna -- and -- But she did -- about -- and this is not going to last but. I just think brandy has become a pretty fun character to watch and too bad the cameras weren't rolling on this -- with Larry. -- -- imagine that means she's now been -- car -- and she's not mean passionate O'Connor -- the -- that's -- many marriages in Vegas always that thing on New -- right that's right 48 hours I think rap tune -- the wow aren't always are getting on the egg -- minutes and we know we're trump any amount from your -- dot com Amy thanks for being here and happy new year to you thank you -- happy years he was well.

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{"id":15281793,"title":"'Bachelor' Ben Meets the Ladies ","duration":"4:40","description":"Purewow.com's Amy Palmer on how a horse and a granny helped get Ben's attention.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-ben-meets-ladies-15281793","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}