'Becoming Santa'

Jack Sanderson goes to Santa school.
1:52 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for 'Becoming Santa'
My name is Jack -- I'm from Los Angeles. I thought I would make a good Santa. -- -- It's a goal -- in my go to San schools which exists. Several. You're here to be common -- and a great. I'm between periods stances bird but that -- It's not there if you're going to be Santa. That it's important that you maintain that image point 4736. If you do -- more than one years. Symphony I was I go back and forth with -- feeling -- I'll be really created this. It's taken for a. This crazy he's -- -- -- one of the -- and -- This is -- full look. Santa needs a drink during Christmas evening good. That's what I thought to stop believing in Santa Claus at an appropriate age. I kind of feel sorry for people that stop believing and certain time it changes unit to doesn't that you shouldn't be and be -- -- plus. -- have to -- This is -- Did you. -- -- Merry Christmas. And.

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{"id":15042073,"title":"'Becoming Santa'","duration":"1:52","description":"Jack Sanderson goes to Santa school.","url":"/Entertainment/video/becoming-santa-movie-trailer-15042073","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}