Alan H. Green and Trista Dollison on the debut of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is set to make its Broadway debut.
4:04 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for Alan H. Green and Trista Dollison on the debut of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'
I have been doing a lot of a lot of different kinds of gun to figure out what's the perfect line that. Yes I now know like all the islands aren't what's best for them are you sick of him. Did you also see them. Like I don't take any job as I didn't want to know about Evan and that it's. I don't didn't really kill a lot of them beforehand that now make me excited but I could not. Loans should. Yeah. Had left. Really question look should from. I've ever had. Stay here yeah I'm like you. 100 years you know didn't see on the European and I didn't think it initially and have them labs that lasted. When that would come off Christmas night. I was only thinking tablets and about the wants and the yards. And I turned my TV on an analyst and I plan to watch it before we started you know most of our show and if mom mom Obama presidency or the. I get this local regional and local content. I've just recently lost. Oh yeah. Now I'm at that question and this is something like that popped out of Latin. That. He quietly let him. Oh no oh yet the movie. About the movie is that flight joyful and playful. Little bit. You know and I just don't think there are typically things are one of the other and this movie just have like a phenomenal mixture. Of life is on the cookies or as a social experience Craig. Inherent that's really isn't a song like Matilda. All the movies and book that I love all night. It's like a little bit of darkness in real in this and I hope this isn't quite normal theory to that. Accept nicely in a boxes and a little lucky and I that that that's it yeah. Bad news is summit imagined. But it. That is something that might assist him and his mother wants to really know about six. I got a black highlighted temperament might you have to. NN even. It's well that. Alan yeah. I'll let me. Finally yeah sorry yeah. Yeah. Yeah. McCain well I've been in the curtains for a minute. I would say before the year started before we started when Booth I had fifty emails from friends to. So let me get the rehearsal let me. Hang on let me know what I'm doing and we were boundary trying to you can ticket I'll never in my life. And in that type of people are excited I could. I. I'm love story this creative team it's phenomenal everybody knows cares greatly in the Jack O'Brien. Everybody loves vegetables you know people aren't. I'm can't waves head their living in. That limit is about what have you you know to argue with this but I didn't he. That. Yeah. Especially at the scene is like I you know. Others. Our bid and asked him. They're docile award. And we get a gun. These kids but yeah double bubble we yeah. And well because a lot of them have sugar but this one question that helps absent. At. You know it's cold and the hotly. He. Immediately. It isn't an. It.

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{"id":46261368,"title":"Alan H. Green and Trista Dollison on the debut of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'","duration":"4:04","description":"\"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory\" is set to make its Broadway debut. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/ben-crawford-emma-pfaeffle-debut-charlie-chocolate-factory-46261368","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}