Bernie Sanders Gets Asked About Possible Michael Bloomberg Campaign

Also, the Vermont Senator and his wife Jane talk with the co-hosts on reaching the African American community and more.
6:26 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Gets Asked About Possible Michael Bloomberg Campaign
I am Burney said does what. I got to change it. Will we get to America so it doesn't sound quite so Jewish. Yeah the little joke didn't. That. Yeah Larry David as president Larry is it doesn't really tell wouldn't say I think. You should see me do him. You know ask you something about Mayor Bloomberg because you know he used to be the it was a very good mayor of New York City everybody liked him. Now is threatening to run for president. On the independent ticket and you know what could happen there is that the democratic votes a lot of them that would go to you would go to camp I think it would hurt the Democrats what the Republicans. Can you live with that I mean what it was supposed to do that. Our could live with that they have the result was the reelected so right wing Republicans. That president of the United States. Are we hope the Mayor Bloomberg would give some thought to. A pet I think he should well. And then a little bit nasty and since Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what I would like. For you to say one nice gain even if it's just one word about the following peep all. Not a this is not really anti gun tape back. A little old friend. Donald Trump. What can he's. As nice time that's my hair hair. Hope yeah. All. Intelligent. Ted Cruz. You loud loud loud. At that time and I cannot answer vest today thank you for coming have a question for you actually if it's okay okay you have spoken out publicly about Donald Trump and the Huffington post's Justin did is as good okay and the Huffington Post just labeled him a xenophobic and racist. But then you got you whine and he won what is essay about a country we have such. Strom this and in such. Loving this look at what do you say about. I think they find a commonality in terms of there is surfaced commonality in terms of people saying what they think can not being. Part of the inside crowd just saying. What ever is polished and ends prepared by speech writers and by pollsters. I think that's that's the best face second put on consideration elements Wednesday's around the corner. Thank you execs and the victory speeches. Thirty gave safe post graduate speech and trump gave the kindergarten speech and might again. We think. Learning to or heard that you met with Al Sharpton this morning for breakfast at Sylvia's restaurant in in Harlem. Well what the coach of a broke person would have the couple called how to. But dropping OK you've got to go back if they Sylvia that's what we're struck but. My understanding is that it's virtually impossible to win the democratic. Nomination without the support of the African American in the Latino community. Going into South Carolina we know that. Hillary Clinton certainly is going to be campaigning with Trey by Martin's mother with Eric Gardner's mother. What do you intend to do to reach out to the African American community and stir up that support base which you will need to get the nomination. Of a long list of really well known African American leaders Keith Ellison. Congressman from Minnesota Ben jealous format of the NA NC coming. I want you to turmoil for Nina turner a former state senator. Cornell west one of the great public intellectuals. In this country so we have all a lot of support within the African American community that I think most importantly. I think the reason will do well is how views on criminal justice in this cross country and that as we ever broken criminal justice system. Why should we in America more people in jail largely African American and Latino than any other country are. I feel most Americans black white Latino web. Understand that it is not acceptable to see on on people being shot by police offices. And as all the former mayor so I know most police offices. Work Claude doing their very difficult job but when a police officer of breaks floor like any other public official federal office of must be held accountable. At OK. We'll. And infiltrate this. When you lose unemployment in the African American community kids were unemployed or underemployed for high school graduates is 51%. Don't tell me. We do not need to invest heavily in the African American community increase decent paying jobs. And. Last night we saw a used celebrating your win them by eight Jason Phillips. Normally as girls' hair Wear heels but we decided to celebrate with you coming on the show but thanks to -- laid out cots all right let's. Okay. Okay okay. If not. And did my name we'll be right back button topic.

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{"id":36838330,"title":"Bernie Sanders Gets Asked About Possible Michael Bloomberg Campaign","duration":"6:26","description":"Also, the Vermont Senator and his wife Jane talk with the co-hosts on reaching the African American community and more.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bernie-sanders-asked-michael-bloomberg-campaign-36838330","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}