Bethenny Flashes TV Audience

Reality star accidentally shows too much during appearance with Anderson Cooper.
0:47 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Bethenny Flashes TV Audience
Anthony -- -- -- reality star says she. Baker -- skinny girl cocktails yes. She and appeared on Anderson Cooper show and -- she's trying to explain to him that when she goes to dance party she routinely does pushups and a little. Embarrassing thing happened when she turned to demonstrate to look. Whether -- really sad that I -- at night. Yet her bright pink underwear tell. And daily. Ex pats and love him Fuzzy and out and see -- -- but she's at how to look she asked and no word on the class.

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{"id":15953161,"title":"Bethenny Flashes TV Audience","duration":"0:47","description":"Reality star accidentally shows too much during appearance with Anderson Cooper.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bethenny-frankel-accidentally-flashes-anderson-coopers-tv-audience-15953161","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}