Betsey Johnson's Red Carpet Dream

At fashion week, the designer reveals the one star she'd love to dress.
3:00 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Betsey Johnson's Red Carpet Dream
Betsy Johnson. It's -- reporting on a fun and unpredictable classes. We caught up at her backstage to find out more about her line and the one celebrities she dreams of dressing. Yeah. He is. Okay. -- -- that you're buying was inspired by Beatles this year. -- -- at mania it was good handle our funds show. -- -- -- immediately. That we have to have anything to do with the clothes. -- -- -- -- -- Lots of -- again. Finale against I'm not so much of the stuff. Beautiful soon. It public to make -- to go at the line I started with valley of the dolls and -- and asked. Are. And for the first time. Kind of news -- color lifting. Which -- me. -- red lipstick girl the grammys last -- as -- coming up you know. What do you think what's happening on the right track like this surprises of the got a dollar equity and I like -- consistent. It and beauty but -- it's all mixed up kids grades. -- celebrity that you would love to dress and making an -- like to do the rock and roll girls music people at the natural. But haven't made up on wearing them in mind that -- ferries do. Not he's so much that he.

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{"id":15635387,"title":"Betsey Johnson's Red Carpet Dream","duration":"3:00","description":"At fashion week, the designer reveals the one star she'd love to dress.","url":"/Entertainment/video/betsey-johnsons-red-carpet-design-dream-revealed-fashion-15635387","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}