Beyonce's Baby Security Angers Parent

Man claims heavy security at NYC hospital prevented him from visiting his twins.
1:39 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Beyonce's Baby Security Angers Parent
Just a couple of days ago -- -- walk around with top heels of last weekend. Given birth to a baby she's a mom that's how -- pregnant women role that's hip I worry that if there might everybody's so. They had a little girl yeah -- blue IV. -- -- they come up with the Royal Ivey. Blueprint heavily was an energy these albums -- and that -- -- of the Roman -- IV. Is -- -- okay. And four is the date that both of them were born on their respective months it was the name of her last album so blue -- it is. -- -- blue -- it's actually blew -- who IC was changed initially was either -- it's Lou ivy but they insist. She had -- -- Syrian at Lenox hill hospital here and in the Manhattan area as they rented the fourth floor for one point three million dollars allied to -- -- severe precautions to make sure that nobody got pictures so they had some of the employees turn in their cellphones they covered security cameras. But because of the increase security. To keep -- dad's dead another. And personnel that the hospital this what does their hospital. There's that want to see his his prematurely born yeah. That was why spla fighters -- secure security said he said -- three times they stop you for bad trader activity than Nikki which is that he -- -- intense intensive care unit didn't happen once on Friday when he was not happy with theirs with her body guards let me. Hey I mean I know this is like most things can't be on the planet -- got that but I mean everywhere every new parent wants to be near their kid and then all that's what -- -- -- -- some parents smoke but. Little blue IV is now in the world will lighten that. No child is going to happen for -- so -- -- and the -- -- -- --

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{"id":15320315,"title":"Beyonce's Baby Security Angers Parent","duration":"1:39","description":"Man claims heavy security at NYC hospital prevented him from visiting his twins.","url":"/Entertainment/video/beyonces-baby-security-angers-parent-15320315","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}