Bradley Cooper Is No Longer the Sexiest Man Alive

Actor on losing prized title & his plans to match George Clooney as two-time winner.
3:00 | 11/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bradley Cooper Is No Longer the Sexiest Man Alive
As the week he stopped being the -- memo. That's true we're in the third day of it. I mean he does that make you just feel less sexy. I feel a little less sex and -- such -- sad -- to -- that is that -- -- You present. Here's what here's the truth about a -- when it. I when I found out first at there's a big mistake and there's going to be ramifications. And there -- We usually at Huber upset Aaliyah and that I -- -- I thought you know what here's the silver lining in this whole thing. -- that you're looking -- hit is you know I think I was doing men all across the country. And whoever wrote -- People Magazine a favor for the whole year because women their girlfriends -- wives was saying it. And he was at Bradley -- that like you've got a great and but now the Channing Tatum is. Now unfortunately I think -- women -- gonna say you know you know Channing -- but when I was it it was like in the normal dude. So you find women behaving differently -- now that you don't with a -- No. -- still the -- That that and its union. But it where where it really work on the street. Can you walk on the street and be on molested. Molested that's a strong word. But do we and that's what circles away with the people feel that win the paparazzi aren't parties and there interfering with that being molested. I won't say that people and -- George Clooney -- had threatened to feel that way and he not only was he upset that he -- -- -- He will go around telling you -- -- -- -- -- -- It's and that's some so that's -- -- -- Oscar's. Forget all that -- -- kid with try to get another -- Start right here.

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{"id":17830341,"title":"Bradley Cooper Is No Longer the Sexiest Man Alive","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor on losing prized title & his plans to match George Clooney as two-time winner.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bradley-cooper-longer-sexiest-man-alive-17830341","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}