Breaking Up Is Hard to Do on TV

HuffPostCelebrity's Rob Shuter on why Kim and Kris are now "must-see TV."
4:25 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Breaking Up Is Hard to Do on TV
Time to get all caught up on the latest celebrity happenings -- prosecutor from Huffington post's celebrity is here now to get. It iiroc and the answer you get so let's start with Kim car -- -- Kim and Kourtney take me art. Hit the airwaves a very unflattering portrait Pristina the acts. I have Chris Humphries yeah additional -- about six months ago as the show's been in the town and there was rumors and -- -- council this which is absolutely ridiculous because this is -- Biggest franchise -- not canceling the show it debuted last night he has been re headed to the house being tweaked. So what you gonna find out on the Shiloh is really what happened did -- marriage they're expecting huge numbers. I'm not far from entering its crew -- -- what how much do you think. He has complete control definitely -- -- -- -- control -- the -- so than on how to the show until Kim has seen the final product. Says she's gonna make yourself about on this she's gonna make anybody look parents. It's going to be -- and Kenya apparently has come out and set this whole show is -- none of it is Rihanna isn't so pretty harsh things he said that it's you know it's very exaggerated. That this certain things that sets up on the show however that is a -- that -- he's gonna suit him. For ten million dollars he said that's absolutely -- True read Linda. He's getting paid for the show to so he's not working at the moment. With the strike -- they thought they open again about the place soon so this is the -- paycheck his death an amendment and a good one at -- as you think this divorce is gonna get any ugly there. I think that this season of this show and -- -- -- see things about christened him. To be pumping enough about -- that we're not like that but we elect Kim more than we all organisms that full -- his head in his -- -- Spanish -- Shocked about yeah accident in as the fool the sort of backlash -- happen and they counseled the contact she and Christmas special. Christmas with the tag affair with her attempt to win back those -- eyewitness. All right -- but I about Meyer -- -- not -- the Tea Party was this weekend in June the two parties she had a tank. With ball Molly's -- -- and she sent that you have to smoke a lot of we. To have a cake with ball Molly's face on it unfortunately somebody at about -- party -- cell phone with them. And -- has ten and saying this. I'm not this tape this video has gone all over the Internet and everybody's saying nonviolent mom's about Joseph Kelly -- -- -- is standing next to her she's one of -- best friends. Think Kelly's issued a statement saying don't be silly assistant chuck and Kevin Kiley I feel like she's a teenage parents any kind of the you know experimenting bra and do these things the problem is if you can't do these things out of the public -- When he was famous as Miley Cyrus and -- hold it together. Angelina Jolie she -- a very interesting interview I think -- -- -- -- -- -- that does she directed she wrote. These little things she -- to -- wanted to be like a vanity project so many movie stars suddenly -- Madonna a lot of the people. Have directed movies like -- a lot of criticism. About them being vanity projects and she does not want this to be the -- and what kind of buzz -- this -- -- -- it's getting mixed reviews that stateside relentlessly. Powerfully so relentlessly seeing this. And G-7 doesn't want to be a joke that she refuses to be anything -- with a very very grim in this movement had no levity at all whatsoever in the into fear that she said that she. Wouldn't -- the funeral director Jack Hudson -- not -- -- I don't I don't. Those things that mom was the most wonderful human being -- a -- -- not and Angie herself -- -- she thinks a moment be really proud of his. Wow well you know it's interesting going back what you said about her dark -- she did have a talk here. At and T about additional six. She thinks she still is -- bonds -- However the any person that gets to see that side is broken -- About the current already so it's Selena Gomez apparently -- baby anyway let me -- And it hasn't got a gun at an incident like -- however her mom is she's going to be a big Cisco cannot believe her mom is young enough. Precisely forget what she's seventeen she's heats up -- -- home. He's only in the -- two sons that he's still young -- -- of the baby we don't know the sex of the baby yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15041995,"title":"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do on TV","duration":"4:25","description":"HuffPostCelebrity's Rob Shuter on why Kim and Kris are now \"must-see TV.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/breaking-hard-tv-15041995","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}