Comedy On Key

Brittany Snow on her new film "Pitch Perfect."
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Comedy On Key
To make -- successful comedy there are a few key ingredient that Smart writing great acting and of course perfect comedic timing. Fits perfect it definitely hits those high notes and then found. The story revolves around -- Collins -- capella group called the balance. They've recruited some new members to try to take down their fiercest rival the troublemakers. Brittany Snow who plays Chloe one of the -- is here to tell us. All about pitch perfect welcome great to have you bring you think McCain -- little bits about the balance you guys certainly seemed to click right away. He gaveled the old -- -- which the original members they are a group. -- -- seniors and -- female group. That our dairy and he's being very routine and put together and they haven't -- to uphold. And when something -- -- and -- kind of -- that image and a lot of their a lot of members they have to recruit new balance and they don't exactly get the balance that they're used to getting and -- it kind of abandoned next to it that sent happening you have a great time on fat. We had such a great and I mean it really was the best time I've ever had making a movie -- -- in bad news for three months and singing dancing and we all got along so great that. But really -- mean it was great Apple's unique seek -- -- these people but also to sing and dance and act -- -- out you know ambulance -- things and you certainly have been fabulous ballot that you're singing with that would Anna Kendrick rebel Wilson topic at all. Hit it off. I'm not actually all of us are very light our characters in so doing the movie you mean really kind of and that really liking each other we do in the -- and down. I think that there is a lot of having to do their rehearsal process inland and her son we started shooting recently -- -- -- -- -- today. Every day -- month aren't planning as saying in dance together and on the learning choreography so that -- I think adding extra innings. And so are you always been a triple threat singing dancing acting -- Doesn't like to thinks nobody can then and now sometimes say I think to myself in the shower in my car and it might I had no idea why it -- me and singing and I'm willing Sunday when you like -- -- and it's our anyway. On the I like I think oldies and in the supremes and stuff like that and content that -- sounds better in the showers and do -- I can't buy about how they -- my dog which. -- ask you because I'm your Twitter profile it's -- that you were. The glows stick champion of your eighth grade class act is this hidden talent gonna make its way I Lexington on Conan O'Brien at you the kids -- was yeah. -- -- and I don't like and tonight that it's. I think that I do you have parties. Because it's announces that Turkey but now when I eat and autos be equal to learn -- it. -- list steak and silent moment and practice and taking the -- And it's you know the darkest. -- -- -- a lot of they're going forward would you like to keep doing the three things together acting singing and dancing our. -- -- open to. Yeah I think it's great. And musicals are making. To come back and people are really responding to them I think that. You know music in general just gets -- connections you the story and characters and people with into the song and they can really Fung of maybe even more than married -- -- On -- -- I think it's great at its -- that -- -- in the end hopefully others -- Britain sent thank you so much and congratulations I am -- think.

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{"id":17350270,"title":"Comedy On Key ","duration":"3:00","description":"Brittany Snow on her new film \"Pitch Perfect.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/brittany-snow-interview-film-pitch-perfect-comedy-key-17350270","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}