Bronson the Builder

Actor Bronson Pinchot talks about his new show, "The Bronson Pinchot Project."
6:05 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Bronson the Builder
We know Bronson -- so as -- -- from the hit show perfect strangers as well as his role as surge in Beverly Hills cop. Bunny at a secret he wants to hear it right here right now with the world. Bronson pinned down loves to -- -- -- -- that he a new on the DIY network. Called the Bronson into -- project and -- Yes that's right it is an original country -- ironic column. Fire surround. So I would take them -- house and when they get the basis. Her room. Band. Witnesses. Amazing and Bronson is right here with us to tell us -- bar you know it's so funny in the it you know in the old days. I would -- and a -- With that lovely post test or host and and you see -- see eclipse immediately and an a but I am sitting here looking at my house and big I out of yeah. And it's it's. It's it's a wonderful experience for me yes David its satellite interviews from the house. And I was talking about my process which is that I use them. 200 year old salvaged to repair older homes. -- that -- you know -- bring them together and there wasn't room so whenever anyone said will what do you mean we're planning to him why on camera and I said well this. This window surround this from a house that burned down and this was the extension by the metropolitan museum of art and it was damaged adds it's like it's so much -- Fun. As -- -- you know you're looking -- equipment think Aaliyah that is I do like that. Stand up thinking who wished I wish had worn blue pants so does the love of home renovation and particularly of antique homes where did -- come out. IE. I really think. It comes from a place so deep that I can't describe to you any more than you know. You see a baby at the supermarket and it goes like it's -- -- that you and you die is completely die. And then now you think now we're -- my -- of -- got access there. It's just there and they are my babies and houses I love -- 1840. Houses. And the speak to me loud and clear and I can't resist them and I love to what save them. Do you what is the main beauty isn't isn't the way they were laid out it is that the material -- -- -- -- -- very different from homes now. Is it the. It's the soul that's what really happens. If you've -- -- -- I have an old reading chair and I. It if you -- a certain way and it holds you. Because the person that owned it for 200 years. -- what was that like this as it twists that way if you've ever put on vintage clothing it's that it it just kind of wants you to be a certain way. And to the great X greater extent than either of those two things but related. House is imbued with all of the negative -- -- and emotional. Residents of everyone -- a -- the net and and when these houses are set an abandoned. It's almost like you know -- saying. It can you know that there -- -- when the tin man's -- And then you pile -- up and there your best friend so they're very they speak to me. And so what -- tell us a little bit about your processing you find these homes and you renovate them with bits of other homes. And then what happens to them. Then they become. Wonderful friends that IA I can't. You know it's funny because it it is assumed and I've been doing lots of interviews to promote the show. That that I IA who hate the word flip them and I can't. I don't think it was ever plan but once or twice I think you know my mother my agent said for the love of Mike -- just someone you know I can't. I can't anymore than you could sell it and let you know in other words you -- have a collection of these beautiful houses and I. You know. I almost hesitate to say that just the same way as he wouldn't say I collect friends you just love your friend and they gather around you and you can never have two men wouldn't be able actually spend time and that following. OK yes and only that but I love I think that the most wonderful thing in the world is when a friend. That from New York. Or Philadelphia or Chicago or someplace that they're very -- and you say here's the keys. Fresh milk and fridge your favorite coffee and the duke on the when you have dinner and they never call. Today never ever call I don't -- -- oh. -- -- in the meadow in the -- in the barn and they they have a great time. Is that is the best way to have -- -- -- -- give them their own little house one and the houses are sold so full of soul. And I well it's so clear you love us but obviously a lot of people still know you as an actor and India would do most people stopped in the street and -- -- it will -- would -- the rolling your most recognized for you really depends on. The person's age and back room. I like it when it's true romance. It just depends sometimes you know you have no idea what will be and I do. I do know that it's so wonderful. For people to say. I'm months and and he let me you know. You know high and -- -- character's name and it's almost like. If you have let a private little. Pet name that on the your boyfriend husband mother grandmother -- you and then a stranger -- -- that's like -- -- it looked like -- but you will continue acting on cue yes he'll do both of these things renovate homes and continue to yeah we help. Yeah I mean it's they're both in my blood the thing is. It's so wonderful to just be myself yeah I love I don't see myself I had no idea I was so much fun. Well you being yourself as a thank you found in front that frankly having yourself without thinking.

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{"id":15558574,"title":"Bronson the Builder ","duration":"6:05","description":"Actor Bronson Pinchot talks about his new show, \"The Bronson Pinchot Project.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/bronson-builder-15558574","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}