Cheetah the Chimp Death Spurs Controversy

Some people doubt that the chimp was the one that appeared in "Tarzan" films.
1:54 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Cheetah the Chimp Death Spurs Controversy
-- recent controversy over the death of -- that ship allegedly from those old Hollywood Tarzan movies. -- died this week at the ripe old age of eighty but now some -- and experts say. There's just no way this can be the same -- from the Tarzan -- more on this mystery from ABC's -- -- -- she don't maybe maybe not. President actually really Christian -- so -- she got reportedly died last week in Palm Harbor Florida. On his last day. The happy this moment to me which is -- my head on his chest and knowing that my friend died with dignity and respect. Since -- -- that the very ripe old age of 82 was announced last week the mystery surrounding this -- Has deep -- insists that she got Mike -- he -- was one of the regional champs to star in the early 1930s version of the Tarzan films. Right there beside Johnny Weis -- the former Olympic swimmer. No one disputes that he wasn't fact that she report but he was old or that he died of kidney failure. Only that he was one of the original cheat us and that he was 82 years -- Captive chimpanzees. Typically live into the 30s40 sometimes even their fifties or sixties. But it's very unlikely that a chimpanzee. Could live as long as eighty years and -- cheated seemed especially sweet given chance reputation for violence. It's very outgoing. Very personable loved women and that sounds nothing like that ship. She is cool actress Maureen O'Sullivan AK eight -- used to call that bastard. Her daughter Mia Farrow were called in a tweet. So maybe it's for the -- that this guy is not really -- -- -- -- in Miami.

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{"id":15260001,"title":"Cheetah the Chimp Death Spurs Controversy","duration":"1:54","description":"Some people doubt that the chimp was the one that appeared in \"Tarzan\" films.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cheetah-chimp-death-spurs-controversy-15260001","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}