Kristin Chenoweth lends a helping paw

This "Good Christian Belle" stands up to haters and is looking for love.
4:50 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Kristin Chenoweth lends a helping paw
You were raised a southern Baptist but you refer to yourself as a non judgmental Christian act well here you are in the middle of a show GCB good Christian belt. How that -- about Korea to -- Let at eleven at the channel is what Atlanta about being Christian science you know we have we cannot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That in the shell -- -- Fannie DTV and light on the humanity -- Christine and I think it's me. What might seem vicious and nasty -- which is this just say antibiotic from good Chris. You. Think he's. Very. -- -- -- Where eighteen followed anything with lesser -- eat it saying catwoman outfit last there are 88. I think -- There's a lot of humor. It take I temple that the patent I think. Sell. Out -- and -- how winds each there. And and I went Atlantans -- -- you write about outpost of -- isn't as well and in the -- -- -- evening -- He -- winds -- and you know it in the eighties when they -- each other's -- and I'm not liking it. And they. Accounting at eight at that I get to play and -- -- -- -- And -- -- price for every day let their art the exactly on and on how and then acting joins that's -- I I had seen -- -- The talking about GCB faith religion. You've been very vocal about standing up for gay rights over the years with Sean Hayes in promises promises and got a huge gave. Following. One point outlook for her take on the actual meaning that she works. As a Christian and -- a woman. I think it's important for people. Line chat. And as a Christian -- our job is not just -- Except. For. That's what she's -- -- -- -- You have an extraordinary -- an extraordinary when you have Emmys Tonys. Best selling books you're on your fourth album. You just -- to get to point that. The husband the kids all that is past -- buyer wasn't a conscious choice or is it still in the making. Now I thought I am. -- I had been. That -- about twice -- tonight when he isn't an underneath the rule I have me worked there. And I feel -- -- -- and and I sport and and gotten their team in an he had to. If that happened. At this point I'm OK with it. But until that point however -- -- partner and that partner mean land -- -- -- and me eat my old school. And I think it's wonderful. Patina -- What you. A partner but. You're part of the little different and has four legs and is very very hairy. If that might have -- an act. Natalie and content channel at me and I adopted her right after waking. -- have their own personalized my mom had -- all my life. And she's met he has really taken on the role of activist now with -- -- corner -- now -- -- what can happen to her -- I mean. I wanted to send. Questions and -- when I did not marry him last time and and I -- not any company to care. It's not that stock and one thing -- land is just how many. -- me spade and neutered hound me shots cat -- And that's -- has cornered -- will help animals in need adopted me. Their shots -- me. Surgery and one of our specialty and matching -- and animal with a -- -- animals helping people help. Does have a script which is seen as -- scripts and -- sometimes it found that so I can't -- excellent attention. -- -- I love -- he's -- your your site. People can win and it's not about giving hundreds of -- like you can give five dollars and have a little picture a little memorial. Weekend. We have sweat -- we -- the way and we also get. Money -- -- I think there's natural disaster like Katrina. Tens of animals or -- -- we will send money and people to help. In other situations.

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{"id":15880091,"title":"Kristin Chenoweth lends a helping paw","duration":"4:50","description":"This \"Good Christian Belle\" stands up to haters and is looking for love.","url":"/Entertainment/video/chenoweth-kristin-singer-actress-glee-fox-national-anthem-15880091","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}