Cheryl Hines Reveals Her Sharp Suburban Knowledge

ABC "Suburgatory" star goes beyond the fake tan and shares her love for the glue gun.
5:13 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Cheryl Hines Reveals Her Sharp Suburban Knowledge
She was the voice of reason as Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm but now. Possibly the opposite she plays the sex pot mom Dallas -- Out in the birds with a fake nails the fake tan. He BC's the berg -- Why we -- a free gift okay -- gas gas. Most I don't care and. It's an objective fact HD is better than regularity they improved it. What would -- -- it's been approved it's like a doctor or for -- penicillin and going. -- thanks I'll go with leeches who look. Historic. Long haul and I'm just saying we -- all the smarting over cable where should at least get their money's worth. -- can -- him any time. But. Backing out Kennametal profit TD but -- didn't lose series. But that's levers and Sarah -- -- -- -- now congratulations I love this show. Here you guys have a lot of fine and you definitely embrace this scared we do you have a law. And I do -- I -- love Dallas. She's -- how much how much to share old Louis and Dallas sort of share I mean the nails not so much erasing -- yeah that's similar. Retaining our sparkling but -- -- and real. And ELI. Estimates that chair -- talents -- this I'm starting to you know. Are you pulling her -- pulling her home yeah it's. It's sad because now I'm sorry to -- -- -- mean scary. I'll saying -- super. -- -- -- -- I'm very you know we have really -- time helping him to forget that he's found. -- think. But it is you're just that you're just acted too limited that's -- yes. So I -- -- at -- yes it was totally in Prague this is scripted -- a preference for one of the other. And -- Now it's mean it's really fun working both -- it's some it's fun because and light. The idea have writers around thinking up anything for my character to say right -- exciting to me. -- it is not limiting -- you don't like you might feel the bring a dimension to it to Dallas that maybe the writers. Very flattered and -- writers it's no I did have an idea our heightened Ito wanted to try line. I can -- it but -- is different it's not not the famous distillery. Everything from. -- still I want to have a little fun with you want you to channeling your -- Dallas -- can expect it because I wanna give you a suburban -- now there's no prize involved in this -- you can you can now I know -- I -- it is on the line. Exactly how you'll be able to walk into a Panera Bread with your head held high -- -- I wanna get a -- And a little a little questions that the walk to -- I want it and talk about. Hot what your knowledge is of the suburbs -- -- -- six questions here we go no time limits to take your -- I think through these art. What is the membership cost for BJ's Wholesale Club. -- -- That's correct. Do you how -- you go to a beach -- I -- I don't but -- a dune Allen -- types of places and IE. I did I'm Chris it is talking with that well aren't a lot of time in Florida and Central Florida where things are little different than Alan. That okay that's very true -- that's very your art and here's of this Mike Stuckey where's the first suburb built in the United States. A little. Senator first -- and -- states. I think I can be beaten. New York -- like around whom. -- Witt sent down from NASA -- look -- Levittown nineteen. Ninety if I was established back -- Levitt and sons builders out there for it was a planned community for veterans. Well yeah I'm I'm mr. Dow's would have been the first one into the world well yeah. But what's the most popular girl scout cookie I think. You're right -- second is Samoa in the tag -- number three. I would pay me. Thanks. That's that would be pretty aggressive for Honda five. She and the Chrysler Town & Country is one less than that was -- -- -- your. Pretty the Odyssey I mean. It's like -- and -- It is very much and -- it has -- 171000 cup holders. I Pratt. From her front which -- of these designers created a line for target Vieira Wang Valentino. -- Sony -- Holston. And -- missed -- that's right absolutely and last how much is a hot we've gone at Michael's. I it's a 79. You split the difference eight -- ultimate -- -- -- 2440 Martha Stewart glue gun and sticks is 1499. Now you're minding your bottom line the -- Smart version is 279 if you if you don't care about the quality of your -- I don't -- buys back. Ha I. Mean that read rebel threat -- -- he'd been spending that he ninety -- -- that. Now Kraft smarts got -- beat it to 79 all right good season finale -- 8 o'clock this Wednesday show -- thank you some of her story thank you.

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{"id":18964419,"title":"Cheryl Hines Reveals Her Sharp Suburban Knowledge","duration":"5:13","description":"ABC \"Suburgatory\" star goes beyond the fake tan and shares her love for the glue gun.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cheryl-hines-reveals-sharp-suburban-knowledge-18964419","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}