Christy Turlington Burns Turns Filmmaker

The director of "No Woman No Cry" is helping every mother count.
5:46 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Christy Turlington Burns Turns Filmmaker
As we all now every mother counts in this particular case this mother wanted her journey and the story of other mothers to be told. She has graced the covers of thousands of magazines from to time magazine she's the director. -- -- -- -- Mother and wife. She's the one the only -- -- That was just one of those moments for all of us that I think we just never forget seeing that video and it came from a -- cover with. You intact John and my favorite Cindy Crawford -- Naomi. Yet as a great -- -- it's such a fun thing to -- Winning here in these before we got there with like hot off the presses and we were -- on different days except for -- and I and yeah I mean it's it's such a great song that actually still -- holds. And the pretty it was and this video -- -- Ed you got a gorgeous handsome husband talented two beautiful kids you're running a marathon. Here all over the world. What's it like for such a busy husband to have such a busy -- And I think you're going to answer for him and yet he's really busy two and that he -- -- to be in the arguments that makes of that in the marketing messy streets here say -- he's been incredible as I've traveled the world he's Canada home base. Hold -- and learn how to -- and he's an amazing -- and we released there are parenting responsibilities -- -- in households. That's a great comfort for both of us that we are interchangeable and it's great to have quality time with -- one of the parents around for the kids in and it's also agreed to albeit -- and and our kids are seeing -- he really pass about the things that we love to do and I think that that's like the best thing we -- for them so. So -- our pretty pretty content plants. You've always -- grace and such. Fragility in your movement that I've just I think is exceptional I didn't realize how. Gorgeous your voice was really until I heard the the voice over in the movie you just have is standing -- it was really I was so moved to. Moon who. -- -- -- I'm pretty much -- the way imagining. -- in what seemed like Kingston. And went from feeling invincible news hour. -- He -- -- conference. To -- baby YE. And he began to have reached the same complication that I experience. Delivering a child in New York City -- birthing center and hospital. I learned is the leading cause of maternal -- in the world. Now I imagine it means some women some -- -- in very rare occasions but actually it. On -- happening women die every year. From complications resulting from pregnancy or -- and now it's a shocking statistic. -- -- excite was passing that a woman dies every nine seconds somewhere in the planet from complications after childbirth. And that 50%. Of the deaths that occur from childbirth happened within 48 hours a child. Yes and that's the most dangerous time and of those stats 90% of them are preventable that's the piece that I thing. Really excited me. The idea that has -- a lot of issues you can -- that about that it means almost all of the deaths are preventable and most of them from very simple solutions. A ride. Around the hospital Friday to add -- educated health worker at the side of a woman Arab women who get birth by themselves. And that's all well and that if everything's okay but it's certainly not the best. First entrance into the world the child and for the mom mean the risk of infection is it is very significant I just -- it. Staggering in recent months it must be. Heartbreaking to -- that he must wanna like by a -- for every country went to because you focused on four different countries in Tanzania. On -- -- and Guatemala and here in the west. Mean we were shocked probably mostly by the lack of transport. The -- in three of the country be found in health services are free -- that doesn't mean anything that the woman can get to them. Do you know what does it matter. Like the -- -- where she blocked part of my health that I -- then went back in the back to an -- in Tanzania scene she walks into oxygen -- and her story was so compelling because he's they're pregnant with her third child which most people would say how she got -- a few times it's going to be pretty -- I asked. In her case still -- a -- neighbor and knew she was a real candidate for an obstructed labor which -- Results in septic system which is the short film that I have here accidents and then that's. In you know we just kept coming across a story in the fact that we could intervene. And now I I had no problems. Saying like when it got Syria yeah please get -- ride in some cases the women were going company had no intention to come back to get cared so yeah. We you know we organized transport if we can take ourselves we provided -- and this sapping levity leave. Of course what happens then well that's the point at every every mother counts. And it's a five year program basically about creating awareness how can people contribute how can people get involved. My name website at my accounts -- really is tool to further educate people but also it's to provide actions that they -- And there's from the very simple and then the amex's made the most -- boys.

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{"id":15355842,"title":"Christy Turlington Burns Turns Filmmaker","duration":"5:46","description":"The director of \"No Woman No Cry\" is helping every mother count.","url":"/Entertainment/video/christy-turlington-burns-turns-filmmaker-15355842","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}