Classical City: Carnegie Hall's 'Ensemble Connect' at Skidmore College

The Carnegie Hall fellows talk to composer David Bruce about his piece, "Steampunk."
2:35 | 10/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Classical City: Carnegie Hall's 'Ensemble Connect' at Skidmore College
I had one. I'm Randy and the Zune player and I amnesty advocates. And we're here for months I'll connect the two year fellowship from Carnegie Hall. They were not incurred we're actually insert your springs new York at skid mark out for a weeklong residency presented by asking me deeper. At its programs. He just me or any or the music students in classrooms. Around campus and also be presenting art. Interactive performances. In its schools. And then on Friday declining. 888. Cost that's the other. And these mountains and other. Uncertain handling a piece by my good friend David Bruce. Who's your let's right now. David Ortiz steam punk music to a that was Beers so connect and so we want to ask you. What was your peacefully yours get more. It's a beautiful up here and this is like Mike foale I think several pieces that come up and ask them on to be involved in coming home like that. And operated jointly each year it's kind of come has been a different group ensemble connect and liberals ever to be here. This equipment incumbent the world's best annual. All. So a little bit about what steam this. Says and it's a sort of vision of Victoria Victorian well Madison technologies that are being. Electronic eyes is some steam powered and it beauty is sometimes it just took him well and also some kind of crazy hiking and dolphins. And I think that when they ask me throughout these several of the instruments look kind of steam when you look at them like pressure on witnesses who have this kind of Victorian. Piping going on Saturday kind of made me think of the steam I'm idea. Grim. How did you manifest and his views and using the network. So we're playing a sudden movement which is one of the sort of more darker ones as the summer to quite comical. But instantly what all sometime I think. Most of these kind of noises of she knew me a man from new instruments. And you'll you'll hear us modes of thinking in his east in this movement which is unique kind of a much in this cult. What. And the puzzles is of the melody lines which are kind of yet. Give a sense of DOS some kind spirit.

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{"id":42891478,"title":"Classical City: Carnegie Hall's 'Ensemble Connect' at Skidmore College","duration":"2:35","description":"The Carnegie Hall fellows talk to composer David Bruce about his piece, \"Steampunk.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/classical-city-carnegie-halls-ensemble-connect-skidmore-college-42891478","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}