Craig Finn's Hold Steady Hiatus

AudioFile: Songwriter Craig Finn discusses "Clear Heart Full Eyes" in interview.
3:46 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Craig Finn's Hold Steady Hiatus
As far as making solar after my first -- happens fans honest person and political -- culpable that he. Kelly you know we've done ten or so records with the today. -- -- I turned forty last summer. Maybe it's time to do something alone. -- -- -- -- -- Here to show. The whole stadium generally write music now. We hear that this kind of relationship there where it was pretty clear and I've been reading -- songs that can -- right from the -- failure and one of the areas -- -- little. Quieter and more spacious Kennedy's rough ideas inside. Played some news that he's had come on. Really quickly was. And that the musicians on Monday morning frightening -- important song so -- -- moving pretty quickly and I am really feel like. Capturing that first bit of enthusiasm that first -- of creativity. Is really important. The American in American history. And I get to go more places it's almost. Mark Lindsay really enjoy being in Austin this figure Texas big -- -- it was very big trucks. And so should he get trapped alive and gets her -- perspective well we'll what is unusual. What's -- Certainly continued interest in national. -- -- -- -- -- -- They get really hard. And we feel that being an hour I'm -- your home. Religion is definitely part of my son -- was raised Catholic. To -- church. I think about it you know Christ and across like what I think. And he can keep going back -- from the eighties -- didn't -- -- forgiveness redemption -- really. Beautiful things. Com. Things. So there is still. He -- ones as well. It was his judgment. -- to. Hold I'm always lifted -- personally. Everyone's -- -- my mind as well written and everyone has -- You know good -- -- -- -- -- -- race president independent papers from. Just completely get to a park. A few hours there's something that. -- inspires me I'm always reading among yeah he is -- books. Great things about my notebook and I'll go back. And so. There's Canada's. Back and forth for books. And so that's -- I think the writers -- Characters. -- -- I think one of the things I really want to do -- become better musician. And one of the ways that. -- after eight years. I think just a little very little people especially people -- don't. You -- your comfort zone -- bring bring whenever experience but everything. Back -- the man.

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{"id":15576660,"title":"Craig Finn's Hold Steady Hiatus","duration":"3:46","description":"AudioFile: Songwriter Craig Finn discusses \"Clear Heart Full Eyes\" in interview.","url":"/Entertainment/video/craig-finns-hold-steady-hiatus-15576660","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}