Dale Earnhardt Jr. Skips Races Due to Concussion

NASCAR star will miss two races after recent racing accident left him with a lingering headache.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Skips Races Due to Concussion
Where this all kind of began. We had a testing Kansas. Weeks and -- right front tire. Going to determine want not remember everything about that accident and everything after that accident that news. -- in field. You know you know your body and you know now. The amount works and I knew something was just not quite right. But. Outside its. Just try to push through work -- it out -- catch concussions before. And knew exactly kind of upscale lists. But -- at Talladega sale. -- percent religion. And it it to an extent in that race I was. -- -- -- -- -- It was a sort of odd. Kind of a collision where the -- -- -- really quick disorder. This oriented Meehan and news that. -- sort of -- wrists. And then -- -- a bit of a setback. Do you know did you know how your body is you know something not quite right -- -- news citizen -- that. Re -- -- -- -- through -- but it waited -- About Wednesday Alice still had some headaches. To us that was really don't like symptoms -- attic. It was a headache so I. Took it upon myself to. I contacted them. My sister and we talked about. CN under a surgeon and we ended up getting steered toward doctor -- end. Met with him. Grant through a couple -- everything was checking out. Did AMR everything looked good there. But. I was really honest with him about half -- -- know you know honest with him whole process from Kansas only own and he spin. The night thinking about. What we discussed everything -- -- -- on Wednesday it. Could. And did you know couldn't couldn't -- terrorists -- Top -- is opinion that's -- I went to see him. He's been a different amount for a long Chapman. His -- to a lot of you know injuries. -- force. I believe you know details now don't need to be in the car may take weeks often that's what I -- it.

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{"id":17454549,"title":"Dale Earnhardt Jr. Skips Races Due to Concussion","duration":"3:00","description":"NASCAR star will miss two races after recent racing accident left him with a lingering headache.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dale-earnhardt-jr-skips-races-due-to-concussion-17454549","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}