Daniel Radcliffe Goes Dark in 'The Woman in Black'

"Harry Potter" star changes gears in chilling new thriller.
7:35 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe Goes Dark in 'The Woman in Black'
OK you have just seen a scene of -- -- back in the woman ghost story very. -- Lucky for -- we had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Run around often you know. Be scan and then you take -- -- he says -- high. That's what it was like you have a couple of days off a you know like I said he didn't yet is that there's a lot of meanness built for people living there is there is ties important. Yeah but -- -- that now back. Invited. You know when -- -- read scripts by. One -- enough about it was that everything section in the middle which was which red -- about. Fifteen pages -- direction. But no one -- I think you know if find -- film. This section -- -- There's really if you want us to blame but. It is actually I think he's he's is regency in film on you know -- -- to me during his whole like years. This particular from the world -- come from which is of Poulter and one thing we human -- as a law house films I -- its path. And that they. -- one of the things you wonderful job he lost -- I didn't have a much Emma but still quite a lot of exposition no dialogue -- world exchange with -- each other information that we already know to remind the audience and you know does not in this film this film we don't -- that the Clinton practitioners -- me. Which is -- that was -- I'm gonna let it I think you know because. This is the first. Major film you're choosing after. You're saying I won it 211. While one. About that attract. It was maybe the story the story is so -- -- -- wasn't aware of but I never seemed like I'm -- the book of speeches I offer written script. But stories so compelling and so gripping and so genuinely frightening. That I was reading the script nine don't it'll. It seems like -- be huge -- -- To be a part of this story this -- scan people and I was very appealing. Notion to me I'm awake and is it any kind of torture form you know this is not no -- -- -- it -- it's a ghost story it much more has muffled classic field. It's it's very suspenseful it's about -- And and the anticipation of a scan everyone knows that unity among them that he counts but -- -- that yet but it's not knowing. When it's going to happen things kinds of brilliantly -- and columnist the moment off do you think -- was going to see you have a moment of relief thing OK maybe it's fine and then. -- -- -- What you haven't really done is explain who this actor for -- days. -- is somebody who has lost his life he's between 425 year old young. No way out and he's oh so far he's lost his wife and that sends him into -- -- a spiral of depression and detachment and it -- but it's devastated him and his life so differently but he cannot. You know -- his son without seeing his wife and seeing -- -- not be there anymore and is is not able to be a participant in his own life. -- Complete -- right from the postman NC. That he's given this tells you to go and let the paperwork -- -- recently deceased woman to organize it. This whole house in. And -- -- immediately. Except upon by that -- -- this very angry. Vengeful woman and. Only if there is you know one the -- I think. That is most from this film is about. It's about what happens to us if we can't move on from a loss. -- somebody's been devastated by those whose wife has become detached analysts things. That the woman in black has been consumed by hatred. And on and on people willingness to again. And has been tortured by it. So -- of the two. -- -- -- you know the -- to end of the spectrum of how you can react. -- -- -- -- Well you've moved from a loss there's no more Harry -- -- Now you did have a whole year's run in sixty yeah it's. Really trying which would be a nice break from it was. But I guess you get asked that all the time when you -- -- -- Harry but I've never asked you basically what the last. Moment you -- I was that we were filling you know. Things I promised myself it wouldn't and Green screen. Yeah and you want. You know no no with a -- -- -- thing guys -- you know wanted it to be some fantastic. Wonderful. Objects often -- you know finishing off and then -- it was. Jumping it was even from the gulf -- from Paul ones shall we did it was me jumping into the fireplace in the treatment as -- And you know we -- it and we will program -- -- trying. How do you make your peace though with living with it because it will always be -- young people will be generations will. Come on and still see it yes -- hopes you know about the thing that we -- these movies missing but the building's team let people -- 4050 is that every Buteau. So -- I idea. I'm very. Much I not the fact that. -- had such a good time doing you know -- Reid. And -- -- being. Wouldn't be. Plan without it without having -- -- people and it through those films one of the reasons that I can because it is that was a special place. The reason -- can walk away. He's knowing that I note that I -- everything every. And that's it. That's what in ways that I know who acts -- And you can just walk away jumped into the pine. -- -- -- -- I don't kind of like that I didn't notify -- no Marty this -- -- and I are light yes I have to highlight the symbolism was looks.

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{"id":15506704,"title":"Daniel Radcliffe Goes Dark in 'The Woman in Black'","duration":"7:35","description":"\"Harry Potter\" star changes gears in chilling new thriller.","url":"/Entertainment/video/daniel-radcliffe-dark-woman-black-15506704","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}