The Dark Side of Michael Jackson's Stardom

Frank Cascio helped the King of Pop through trying times.
5:15 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for The Dark Side of Michael Jackson's Stardom
When -- -- was thirteen years old he left home to go on tour with Michael Jackson. He became Michael's business advisor and saw that behind the scenes that the King of Pop wasn't always in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it. -- -- -- one of the greatest experiences for me and certainly levels. -- -- Michael. Corn states. For a and Cuba transformed into this. Other human being. Where I was even at all there is one song. What he performed. I just. I was well. -- -- -- Who after the show with will help us with our school work and apple -- Here you have thousands thousands of fans. If people fainting in the -- in the front room for the show even starts. Thank you see if people. For him and I'm like if they only knew they. If we weren't driven out of Tulsa performing for millions and people all over the world. But -- he performed a reason. And after watching him on earth so many years he started working for him and eventually became his business manager. Started off you know king's personal -- but again just like any relationship. You know it evolves and more -- understood the more. Then he put more trust -- me. And whenever I need to do I'll never forget this is three. Three men and a baby. You know he he didn't want to have -- -- -- In townhouse in New York. So. Different. I just wanted to have to beat us is this when -- have a house here. Just for a little -- I think we are you week. So -- one month later. It's -- and I literally -- killing two men and a baby changing diapers throwing bottles and baby wipes. And each other -- -- -- to -- is trying. I was responsible for Paris. He was responsible for -- It's time that it was just out -- forget that experience at one point. -- Can understand there's a lot of things going on as a transitional stage and you know there was some advisors -- what kind of questionable at the time to me Michael didn't authority to. Look into this. And -- the financials. Or so financials from me count this time it was like 500. Over five and cellphones. But he was -- for for people in -- organization. And some people he had no idea who they weren't he still paying their cellphone bill. And you know I can understand you know and Michael Jackson is -- business within themselves. The right thing to do is faster corporation. Which -- corporation pay for. Cellphone bills. But not 500 cellphone bills -- for people. When you don't even know anymore we're going to communicate with them. It didn't make any sense to me. And you -- car leases from different peoples. Who why are you paying a Lexus car is whose cars this really mean you know -- they were. That are being -- -- sisters of one of his advisors like this happens. Anointing. You know -- -- -- She was just took advantage of him. It came so close my -- and you things he did tell house -- It is an act. -- -- -- -- Well first and foremost that was the mother of his children. To -- -- Michael -- present in the world. Didn't mean like -- father ends. Those at greatest gift in the world Debbie and Michael. Had a really strong friendship and Michael trusted deputy. And it became really good friends and they really sincerely cared about each other. They loved each other -- -- cared about as things evolved Michael was doing. Business with Saudi prince. And their culture. They do business with people who are -- man. Who are married to that of course that's part of their culture. So. It just seemed like the right thing to do for Michael it's the mother of my children. We will get married -- and business with this this prints they're about to create multi multi billion dollar. Entertainment company there was that understanding. And and that's why they got --

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{"id":15015663,"title":"The Dark Side of Michael Jackson's Stardom","duration":"5:15","description":"Frank Cascio helped the King of Pop through trying times.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dark-side-michael-jacksons-stardom-15015663","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}