David Arquette Voted Off 'Dancing'

The actor's cha-cha wasn't enough to save him in week 7.
0:59 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for David Arquette Voted Off 'Dancing'
Dancing With The Stars eight and the latest one to get the -- let's -- he was got a crowd favorite -- he's got this crazy quirky guy but. It's. David -- there was given the moment last night he was gone home -- ball's going to be admits he -- 96 get the big move but that she survives it ain't never we need people like David's job -- labor just wasn't enough. The good thing though he did say this whole thing has been incredible which is good news good -- his daughter Coco ex wife Courteney Cox right there friends -- And his two sisters were there as well they have been throughout the season but David is. Headed for the -- On this seventh week of competition the -- with the lowest overall combined total and therefore leaving right now it. David and --

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{"id":14864020,"title":"David Arquette Voted Off 'Dancing'","duration":"0:59","description":"The actor's cha-cha wasn't enough to save him in week 7.","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-arquette-voted-off-dancing-with-the-stars-14864020","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}