Denzel Washington Returns To Broadway

Actor will star in the revival of "Raisin In The Sun."
0:34 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for Denzel Washington Returns To Broadway
Denzel Washington is out promoting his two guns -- this week but he's got Broadway on the brain. The Tony winning -- says he is returning to Broadway next year -- revival of raisin in the sun. Washington says -- motivation for getting back on stage is his wife who's been it would allow more theater -- cats no word on who stands double play in the drama. But the LA times is reporting that he'll be a lead role of Walter Lee younger a part -- in the -- it played on stage in 1959 and Sean -- comes played in 2004.

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{"id":19830935,"title":"Denzel Washington Returns To Broadway","duration":"0:34","description":"Actor will star in the revival of \"Raisin In The Sun.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/denzel-washington-returns-broadway-19830935","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}