Don Cornelius: 'Soul Train's' Mastermind

A look back at the man and the show that defined a culture.
1:08 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Don Cornelius: 'Soul Train's' Mastermind
That call meant -- Saturday cartoons -- -- and it was time to booking abort the hit this trip in America soul -- And the man in the conductors. Cornelius was the -- master from the very start back in 1971. It was his -- bring child to bring the hottest groups and are being in sold to a lot Chicago crowd. And share of that luck with the rest of the world. Everyone was search of -- -- equal rights equal opportunities to showcase their talent and both of those entities allowed -- to do that and in his. Five -- run to the biggest names in the pits like Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. -- to bring down. The staying power was -- tip of the hat to Cornelius drive going to make the best of what was hot on -- radio talk on TV. So altering a vision that Cornelius shared at the end of every show wishing everyone loves. Peace and still.

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{"id":15493009,"title":"Don Cornelius: 'Soul Train's' Mastermind ","duration":"1:08","description":"A look back at the man and the show that defined a culture.","url":"/Entertainment/video/don-cornelius-soul-trains-brainchild-15493009","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}