Drama at the GOP Debate

"The View" co-hosts discuss the top moments from the Republican presidential debate.
6:44 | 03/04/16

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Transcript for Drama at the GOP Debate
A country is getting crazier and crazier and the last tried for hours. Bonus had been captivated by the intellectually stimulating level of discourse coming from the Republican candidates watch. You. I couldn't admit dropped in these you would have dropped who has been. Doing. Look at those hands are they small. And he referred to my hands of this small. Something else must baseball I guarantee you there's no problem might guarantee. Okay okay without probable Everett are saying I want to feel like it's huge. Fan of I actually it made me laugh I'm sorry I thought it was that one of the fuel wary eye on things you thought was running out I was bad about like kiss the ring ends well I. I have a night to get two different ways clearly had the dirty minds in the yet it with eight I could not believe what we're watching hiking I'm more likely that there let me we witnessed two men meanings to that. What does it mean I would know I'm from Iowa. I'm up but when it went I was watching a there was a point where you know there's there is a country somewhere where they showed those video that the politicians biting yeah you're the point where I thought. Oh my gosh it's Guinea real. They're gonna swing in each hour and it was the most eighty sold bad to watch I could not believe this was. A debate and I just imagine him as a laughingstock of the world we aren't they I think it would Woburn number when Italy had Berlusconi people used to laugh at that so as to say my dad and he's telling the anti Berlusconi and with what's interesting you know. Its last night they said it would all support column and I'm thinking yeah why would you support someone you're your they're admitting that he's gonna bring down the Republican Party he wanted to support Hillary after they talked about and I. Got how water is activate so that they would support Hillary because they're saying the trumpet not a Republican but so why would you support and economic that's what a normal person would do they would go with the person that's best for the country this is not normal. Something is wrong or leaning one of them this I support any one but shortly have a different answer but they were still being the party line quite. Remember though at the end of the today. They're politicians and they're gonna say what they have to say in order to get elected. And as they all admitted they will vote for they've support trump if he is indeed the nominee. And I don't think it still is right and as well its other names and then they say I'm gonna support. Just bring up somebody that was on the panel so that this person trump doesn't always get the attention I thought Casey east to west resident Sheila I've thought that if I. Had to vote Republican. At all it would be hampered because he did not give into the mud slinging even though they didn't say is name he was like listen I'm the only went up on the stage who's actually done. What you're asking to be done yeah now in many other. Presidential. Debate not an alcohol is no break in and I'll let you. That's why he's not gonna win because he's not mudslinging we've already seen that the only way that the thing that people keep saying battled Trump's talking about a package whatever how could we elect this guy if president and the truth is his voters don't airedale like that there is nothing he can do wrong they just take and a commitment to I don't lots that anything that he says is better than the establishment. Which is what I think that trump is giving the Republican Party nervous breakdown is what you see Mitch McConnell he's going to be institutionalized him at a other reasons I think that he's giving them the nervous breakdown because they think he really is a Democrat and they know what time the guy is he Dennis said anything bad really about the Planned Parenthood said the Planned Parenthood does a lot of good things he was against the war in Iraq he wants to raise taxes on the rich. The Democrat and new worried about backed because they cannot control the guy. He's I said before he's not the worst want their he's not one who said let's let the sand blowing this in the Middle East that was crews now. I can't put that crews and the debate I don't I ninety of them aged and drop a bomb. Don't talk about the little now and forever a lot of little brats on my god did you guys see person thought it was like mid silently about a breath I it was a main job. We actually got hit body all I don't know why and I couldn't close games at all in even a translator I was like what is it anyway I'm sorry like I did I park. Yeah decided this morning not to talk about it because I started. Get lightning he's. I started getting north says we are locked in combat anti alcoholism like what was cruises loaded big and someone said it went flat or Clinton we'll please Viagra noted that more and I didn't. Star and she's pregnant I'm so sorry are you outside. Just go back to you think that trump should release that back them off the record. Yeah I don't think he should reports he knowingly and how excited I don't think tabernacle and camp for I don't know heat heat given off the record yet off the record conversation with the your time's about immigration and and a lot of people will say pundits will say. You're never gonna see somebody do quicker 180 than trump when he does indeed become the nominee he seemed witty has to say at this point he's gonna softened. If you don't look at him he's given money to Democrats and Republicans like I said I am I don't compromise and that that I want it's what he said Italian mystic in his work I mean I I feel like. Right Republicans are telling people like how you gonna become a Democrat to scare people into not voting for him. Timmy he's telling us it's gonna be dictator is going to be anti immigration all these things you know went and he doesn't want. You know they just flip flops on everything this is why the New York Times than his so interesting because apparently. Allegedly what he said was I'm gonna build a walkway to the city is gonna saw hot and act. Let's stop it out immigration and deporting eleven daily and are ramp do not like John Carey Carey was running and he made one. Staking flip flopped all of a sudden there were flip flops to shoot all over the place yeah and Evan yeah. As may be your opening up to the idea and seeing as you go around the country and hearing people made him he's listening to the protesters made to help not let any. You eat it. Maybe that's the thing about flip flopping right you see something this is how you were born this is how you were raised when you see something that kind of caters to you and that and that. Kind of you know pushes you into a different direction and then you flip flopped and where criticizing him for this pretty split flopping on an issue that people want him to be softer Ronnie. The election he calls it evolves. I can't believe that he is not good at one day to the next that's not evolved he that he did for all of that was hard to watch at that thing I did think his answer was good when she said we're watching you look bodies that. I'm in some of these interviews I was asked questions and as I learned more I change my opinion I'd rather be someone that grows with. Learning something then someone that. I actually that's one time we're trust me I didn't wanna be about Lil and I'll give that she can't wanna hear. So he's flip flopping biggest omni where the sun is in the sky right he doesn't care he it's whenever I'm at if you like Allstate that's pumping iron I having a breakdown.

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{"id":37402706,"title":"Drama at the GOP Debate","duration":"6:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the top moments from the Republican presidential debate. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/drama-gop-debate-37402706","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}