Dui Jarrod's 'Lesson Before Love'

New indie film talks about how to find love.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Transcript for Dui Jarrod's 'Lesson Before Love'
When it comes still love we could all probably use a few pointers. It's that they only want the -- but one of the toughest things to achieve a new film called lesson before love tackles that very topic it's the story of -- singled. On the journey to happily ever after. Do we Jarrett who wrote produced and directed lessons before love is here to tell us all about doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- re fat fees and tell -- doesn't do -- in many ways. A labor of love for you a land. The move especially being an independent filmmakers and -- -- so difficult how to find you -- this industry. And no one a couple of years ago that I really wanted to get my first independent featured. I'm have been filed so many that came before me. Who was absolutely a labor of love sacrifice. Well and here you are here ailment in theaters now congratulate -- thank you know little about the premise I know -- some singles who are looking for love. You are inspired by a Valentine's Day -- -- all singles day. I'm think -- there -- no data reminds you more than just single -- and -- NASDAQ it's over years ago. Ounce of friends and I decided to get together have like our own -- -- we anonymous relationship. And through the course of the day we just aren't having discussions about where we worse for its -- is. As for his views and in our dreams -- kind of realize lately we're not exactly where we want to be. In love because we're not what we want to be. And ourselves in the fields -- tried. Sat alone love story but doing very different way where was to look more -- actually was a riot at -- -- to be -- about to a few people on the -- All of it about your your main characters yes on main characters Gary who I think resembles me. -- didn't quite a bit I'm incredibly active -- brown and it's about a guy that really wants to be an artist. He has a journey he has something in -- that he wants to be seen -- field. And can't find love -- there's a guest -- these two things that his -- actually helped him to find his own personal -- city he's holding himself back on the romance front because they feel unfulfilled as an artist absolutely and that's that's my story you know I fell for a long time hey I really am not where -- -- to be artistic why hasn't so it -- kill me from. You know explore relationships and -- being put myself there. And so now that you're here aren't you -- -- there are you there weren't -- -- well. In -- market that is surprising. You know as you begin to Q -- you on -- greetings is open up like they're suppose peso. You know I'm hopeful for the future but I'm also aware -- where I am right now -- Brett Harris and we're happy for -- -- what the future of the found where is it playing. Futures that is the new plan exclusively as studio movie grill -- in Chicago Atlanta Dallas and Houston open and on October 2 at 73 congratulations. -- a miracle it's a miracle for us to be here and it's. It's it sometimes is beyond words do. To see how far we've -- this -- -- -- course this is just the first film for you you plan on many -- after absolutely. -- -- muscle playwrights on opening didn't play up here in New York. Next bringing -- -- -- -- must that if you Jerusalem after that -- you have a lot of success I had -- you do -- -- thank you so much I thought you and I really appreciate it.

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{"id":17369050,"title":"Dui Jarrod's 'Lesson Before Love'","duration":"3:00","description":"New indie film talks about how to find love.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dui-jarrods-lesson-love-17369050","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}