New Edition Together Again

Johnny Gill talks up New Edition tour and his solo album "Still Winning."
4:05 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for New Edition Together Again
He rose to fame as part of the eighty's group new edition but Johnny gill has had a pretty successful solo career as well. He took a break from music work -- -- -- projects and now after a fifteen year hiatus he is back with a solo album it's called still winning and here now -- the sultry soulful single only he can bring. In in the -- and. Paring knife still -- adhere to talk about it Johnny gill himself -- thanks for being here today please is this. Hey listen sometimes and you know as well as items some artists when they're in their -- I don't exactly keep the moment -- -- -- -- what took so long. It's to a known and has a long was he -- and. Honestly -- but to me to answer those I was talking to a answer when they need since. When you know Americans and -- It's I'm gonna get to it but -- -- statistics and took -- -- -- And I would record every now and so it didn't try to put myself and in person to do so because. I just -- all year round all of the let me launch on the scene with new -- -- -- thirty years since their first big break in the west and changing ever since that I mean use you basically. The same feel the same soul is still there but what have you seen it's changed around you. -- -- -- which is not a bad thing because anything if the industry industry was still the same way. It was when I started almost thirty years ago -- something -- bureau could look at America have scared. But besides since the industry -- -- in obviously music has gone to different phases but I've always stayed -- to I am as a vocalist. As a musician. And but I enjoy so many different zones as of music -- -- never allow myself. To become -- you know. My mind my being hit nicely brown and you're known very much for that's my signatures on this I want to debate him -- sentences sentiments -- -- his. Mine have my -- my -- and united mine mine mine that's -- that's that's about it so. In the mood has a little bit of that same kind of feel to it again given us -- kind of inspiration Soledad well on the back and some always they distinctions who I am what I do. That was song I wrote and it was like this is where I'm -- today this is -- am today. And that's basically -- you know that that's something -- first singles and you guys just announced new additions getting back to -- a -- is -- a huge we're -- -- a lot of groups aren't able to pull that -- an -- -- arguments that. So it's all six of us. You know with fortune we've been very fortunate that all six of us here and and and we -- still in great -- great you know. And you know this is a great opportunity. But I look at some of the other groups like The Beatles there. Unfortunately I would love to see you know would have loved to seen you know and witness that the -- but. In that here any longer to -- you know unfortunately. And the jacksons the you know it's like so. You know we were very fortunate to be able to be in the position that -- and to do so and we we're gonna take advantage so obviously -- -- out on tour not only as a solo but also with new addition coming up here. And this day is it though as it I don't know any free time with us -- -- work. Besides that who the album ammonia a bit in the CD. -- myself as a -- and two with. -- -- state. I have the the new additions sort of vigilant and I have also be a group called LSD which -- of myself -- weapons are on the -- nice lead delivered at. We're working on getting -- -- on that -- project as well so I'm just. He -- a busy because that's what music is about it's like you know and just. He continued just continued to single myself into what I do my work driven by the -- clearly it's definitely comes in this new album it's got to build a winning best album I think recorded wow. -- sounds amazing thing you it's just that you know I am really proud of the the end results of this news John -- Johnny -- best of luck few things that you success thanks for stopping by today via.

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{"id":15406693,"title":"New Edition Together Again","duration":"4:05","description":"Johnny Gill talks up New Edition tour and his solo album \"Still Winning.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/edition--15406693","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}