Eric Stonestreet on 'Modern Family,' Gay Marriage and His Love of Vines

Modern Family star stops by the ABC studios with news of his latest project.
9:36 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for Eric Stonestreet on 'Modern Family,' Gay Marriage and His Love of Vines
A major moment in television history just played out on one of television's most watched comedy series more than ten million people tuned in. To ABC's modern family to watch Mitch and cam exchanged -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cameron drew please let's -- -- on the -- from her. Let's go to take Cameron to be your husband. Could do. And by the powers vested in me by the state of California I am privileged to pronounce you spouses for life -- -- -- kiss your husband. Up up -- do it but it. Marriage equality movement and one of the gentlemen part of that scene there Eric stone street is in the studio with us today Eric thank you so much being -- thing you. Right out from the -- ABC of course owned by parent company Disney on this. This was a historic. Episode the show obviously gangbusters. But this episode in particular yet. It was it was a meaningful episode for us for the show for the arc of -- and famine in modern family but it was important episode for. So many viewers we we realize that going and then we knew that it was -- have. The proper amount of importance in the movement of marriage equality we we certainly aren't you know there are two to. To change people's minds were there to make people laugh but we're we know we realize we get the opportunity to open people's. Hearts and minds to the idea we'll hear one of the things that there of the Christian -- always said that they didn't want to show to be a political show and at the same time you really have taken a lot of serious issues -- -- I think that's what good family comedies do because that's real. Life family dynamic is that issues pop up and families and in our lives every day where were. You know we're we're faced to make a decision of how we feel one way or another and obviously modern family with which -- -- we're going to be on the on the side of of allowing that you -- you married and wants property was overturned and in California really pave the way for us to tell the episode and tell the story that. We wanted to tell for mentioned him so take you behind the scenes and when you were shooting at him because obviously everyone gets emotional at -- -- but I mean that. He really wasn't if you look at the setting and you think about the story between Mitch and cam and really all of the families. -- -- -- all rallied around when it witness there's some tears. Behind -- we did we shot all that day doing some of the things leading up to a you know we don't shoot in order so we've done some of -- -- -- -- the will of the but -- -- reception stuff and we knew we want to shoot at last like there that that scene so when we finally got to the police were ru -- were able to block the scene for cameras and everybody crew. Jesse and I walked down the aisle together and we both wearing their sunglasses you know and her -- -- -- were both just welled up in with tears because. You know it's not just about mentioned him in that moment it's about Jesse and I were the actors that get the opportunity to bring those two guys -- life in. If it's a great moment for -- -- -- as actors you know you get jobs you never realize that you're gonna. Have a job with cultural importance in an impacting people's lives personal lives you know. And so it it we we knew it meant something is for the characters but it meant something for Jesse two. I -- get this question often don't ask you -- -- it after this episode had aired and has made so many headlines obviously broke a lot of records with viewership as well. Have you ever been concerned about being pigeonholed -- as an editor he has as typecast no I mean I've never really thought about it and if that happens then you know I will have gotten to play and I think one of the greatest characters and in TV history and in on one of the greatest show so. That's up to other people I know what an actor I am I know what what I do I know what I did before modern family I know some of the roles of of them -- them -- modern family -- it's really up to me. My agents and my representation to educate casting directors producers directors audience members that. Kim happens to be character that I love to play but is just one character that -- -- -- -- -- behalf of millions of gay and lesbian women him and in the United States. I am very happy and very appreciative of what you have done to raise awareness and to -- tolerance and the discussion. In this country. About that you know I think he's probably you've probably move the needle more than maybe what you realize what that that that may be true it may not be true I remember one of my old managers who's now in Atlanta doing business there. He's like you're going to be in history -- someday and I'm like oh come on and act more I doubt that literally the next week I get home I get a request -- my publicist. You know professors writing. A book on in sociology on marriage equality and once -- to put Mitch and cam in the book and like OK well I guess I guess you. Because she predicted something for free efforts have forgot having star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame I mean this is a little sad that the little you know doing what it really is honestly. I can tell you is that is the personal impacted I've. Been able to see with people's lives when kids the Palestinian state. You made it easier to come out my mom and dad because of Mitch and cam and when parents -- -- to Jesse and I and say. I I was able to accept my son and my daughter more because of the relationship portrayed on modern family but mentioned -- Those are like really really meaningful emotional conversations like to have with people and that's truly. The best honor of my job with the benefit that we August to take part at at the same time. You're kind of a jerk yet so here's the reason wanted to bring this. Because you're like the king of fines and wanna play a couple of these -- if nothing ever when things Eric's country. What a great guy all right here's one of the mind that we have a -- I wanna play -- -- and this is you know there's little self contained video that you just happened you know shoot for yourself. This first when this is with your mother. Take a look at this. Well that could happen here the last few days travel -- It's set up. Good -- This mom and editor at sports but you know I think that really sums up how we all feel about -- Parents -- something that we're very happy for the and drop off the tuna casserole most CN go you know but -- -- -- -- united. I try to highlight my mom and dad as much as they -- because they. You know they've -- made at all possible and I enjoy the fact that -- attention. On -- mines and -- social media rules well both think you have another Disney connection take a look at this one I don't know I'm just. -- -- What a dessert I don't unbelievably you know what people saw that that the first thing really how did you get scissors and Disneyland well that is a little little logistics -- fleck doubted whether there birthday -- right. That is my best friend's daughter Alison OK -- just set -- up for fun because it's true you see. -- -- -- -- Perhaps his place on earth just painted by Eric stone yeah well that's values that's arguments over getting typecasting. In Arcadia getting keep the head from -- -- -- and then this one when -- took a trip to Washington DC. Okay the National Mall like Alitalia -- one shop -- worst call ever. The capital in the back credibility he's -- -- -- pottery barn to be popular -- -- and I wanted to don't you know its there was nothing there -- -- -- -- -- -- Up with next guard because -- of this is the cause is very important to you because I know that you have. -- of a rescue dog yeah I rescued my dog Coleman thirteen years ago yes thirteen years ago. And every time -- get the opportunity to to work with a good company that has. Something to say about your dog -- from home always interested and anxious to do that in this case. -- the maker of next guard has a great challenge for people out there watching that they want to challenge you to go. -- take a twenty minute walk with your dog in unite for with all of us against the the enemy that is. Fleas and tick which is -- which is under which is he -- here data here's. A look at this little one of the benefits of the attention -- -- Broadway this is that this is Macy -- yet this is Macy Macy's. Justice has noticed and recognized was unite she was on Broadway in Annie. But she's a rescue dog she was found in Oklahoma values and now has a great home in -- in this great but. The the idea is people go to the web -- one million steps for dogs dot com they they commit on the web site has taken a twenty minute walk and as soon as we get a million steps. Of people in on behalf of dogs. Knicks guard is gonna donate up to million dollars with a product. -- shelters selected shelters across the country so you really get your chance to like help out dogs that only dogs dogs that don't necessarily have a home right now so it's a great cause. And to help out -- I'm any -- best friend I mean -- at the end of a long day of shooting I mean just to go home and see the tail -- meaning get -- kind of reception right now I'm like there's nothing like that I love my dog Coleman so much and you're right -- put a lot of on alliance to Graham because. He's he's -- he's -- massive part of my life he's been. With me from the beginning you know I got him in right before 2001. And he -- my career. Go from from you know where was to where it is now and I always told him when I would go on auditions big ones that they were buddy I'm just going to try to it's a bigger yard. So I got -- got to -- a good -- lucky lucky is dog around. Macy thank you so much -- stone street thank you so much continue to assess -- can -- -- But -- Hopefully by that right now and you try to Eric thanks to money.

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{"id":24013702,"title":"Eric Stonestreet on 'Modern Family,' Gay Marriage and His Love of Vines","duration":"9:36","description":"Modern Family star stops by the ABC studios with news of his latest project.","url":"/Entertainment/video/eric-stonestreet-interview-2014-modern-family-star-gay-24013702","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}