Faith Hill on Fears and Fame

Part 1 of "In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts."
8:12 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Faith Hill on Fears and Fame
This is the home of Nashville royalty and one of the -- reigning queens. Is Faith Hill. Looking fantastic at 44 with superstar husband Tim McGraw -- her side she has a lot to celebrate including -- return. To the spotlight. We -- in the studio where -- At a pivotal moment yesterday. Her new album almost finished -- will listen and -- Is both competent. Hand here. Out right now we'll her fans embrace her yet again and -- sounds. It's been six years since -- last number one hit. Mississippi -- Since he has dominated the awards show. Thirteen years since. The mega star status with songs like. I was. Yeah mobile and. Here in her studio -- -- and country music six years away. It's a long time I understand you you've been in the studio last couple years there's been the music that you probably could have put out but you decided. -- -- I -- I just. -- that's the hardest decision because at the pressure to get something out there. Is enormous it really is going to have not had a studio record on radio for six years. You know basically. -- -- -- and it's not like -- it's been sitting around these past six years. After Sunday Night Football open -- -- running. She's debuted a -- released a greatest hits album a Christmas album and well one more little milestone in marketing. Glamorous. Sophisticated. And it went through. You are not and were. Dated. -- -- a a whole night I would give me bigger than being this -- Don't -- her side husband Tim McGraw. -- day CNN. Superstar couple say they agreed to become -- -- their three daughters. They kids love the morning times. If school land in making -- record he's been. He's been -- -- kids. This -- is spectacular. Here on their Tennessee -- faith in him just celebrated a milestone. Reserved for a few music stars. Fifteen years of -- I was here before the talking. To them. And I remembered something that he said about -- and I wonder if I want to play -- again. You know to me she's the most beautiful. Girl in the world and in this in the coolest person ever met she doesn't get. At all. Now all that's -- Aren't -- -- -- at separate at night unless he said something I think. -- -- -- -- Our hot together and it and it just -- I am I love I love my husband but I really didn't require commuters I don't know I just I I just love him I eat sometimes and dragging nets and I drive him nuts and I am OCD and type -- he's like. Just eat immediately average in the immediate that's the choices he makes so we're very we worked differently that. I don't know I still I really melt when I see my husband. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's got -- -- UN IA. I wanna be -- -- man for him. -- -- -- -- assistant. My greatest fear in. -- -- -- can't even say that my greatest fear is because I can even imagine. -- doesn't even register knowing debt is absolutely -- without my family. Yeah that would be backing -- -- it makes me cry only got okay. And wanted to be -- yeah I just can't and that. Would be my -- hear her faith family began in small towns star Mississippi. Her parents led a simple life and encouraged her music and her well it. She grew up knowing she was adopted but didn't have the desire to track down her biological mother until she came to Nashville. -- surgery. There's a period. Time when I first moved to Nashville like the first couple of years I was simply lost that's when I went on the search for my birth family. And it was all by divine intervention that it happened and I kid you not because it was not done you know in a way that was. It was minted for -- defines her. And what is -- because. I it just was the way it one day if if I ever feel comfortable talking about the whole story will it. In the process I found a full brother. Like despite my children are you know say my brother so we needed when -- Playing basketball -- it happens -- Now we're finding her family and amassing a legion of fans. I'm ready to show the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- but today six years after her last original album. Most female artist pop in the country charts -- twenty something Carrie Underwood. Miranda Lambert. -- -- win this country hard when your own reporting. Now -- -- I I don't know I think. Society in general is hard on. Women. Period I have had its. Wrinkles on my forehead and I smile line since I was a kid I -- -- in my own kids I know what they're gonna look like so it's kind of like that's my personality and I feel the older you get to in the more confident you become just in your own skin I think it just kind of shows -- parents you know. Now back in the studio -- her van. Faith is ready to share with us for new sound. Okay. And for the first time anywhere. Here is a preview -- face newest single. It's called. Come home. Tomorrow night at the CME's. -- come home. The country music. Take the stage for the first time in five years performing her single for the rest of the world. A little nervous and also confident. And ready to return. To the -- When I started I was nineteen and overwhelmed. Now on 44 and the fierce.

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{"id":14911315,"title":"Faith Hill on Fears and Fame","duration":"8:12","description":"Part 1 of \"In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/faith-hill-family-fears-fame-14911315","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}