Fashion Week Round Up

Phillip Bloch reviews Katie Holmes' & Rachel Zoe's NYFW debuts
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fashion Week Round Up
Follow may be right around the corner but -- he -- are already thinking forward about spring Fashion Week has just wrapped up here in new York and there are plenty to go over. Who better than our style expert Philip locked at -- and on the hottest trends felt great to -- -- here. It was a fun week it was and why I'm jealous yeah all the great -- is the celebrity is that all of that I was everywhere everything in Atlanta bass and Chris. Chris Jan. Everybody -- that they and let's quantity hotter new lines that -- people are talking about this season. Home losing and Katie Holmes is new fashion line how what it. It was actually kind of dealt with arresting him -- a lot of hype there was a lot of excitement they would let the media and lists. And we all expected in what it was just sort of boring it was very -- -- Israelis say it was -- very elegant. Writer -- -- you know we start with he had great little blue leather jacket with these parachute kind of -- the -- little leather jacket -- in everybody's using that -- this fun in the little print -- very. City certainly. And hot pants she did these great little red hot pants and this beautiful. Kind of -- cape over the cape is very in for spring so. He could see Katie Holmes wearing absolutely it -- Completely Katie and her partners Jeanne Yang who used to be a -- we actually started in the business together Berry and speaking of another -- A little lie Rachel Maddow had -- new line. Rituals are playing very wearable everybody was really impressed with a comfortable wearable beautiful chic elegant very very Rich Lowry is again so these are these are women who are designing clothes that they actually want -- -- -- the models all looked like Rachel. You know we had this great little short static free short that there was a great little Jersey -- -- distressed that so Rachel and raised a lot of look like with a big -- left them. I think -- top of the Jersey kind of sticker hit a signature look -- black and white prints were really in on this trip and that percent in Orange very big -- for spring Buena now I am -- butcher the name with an appointment at. Bombs go wrong. Troubled her like yeah. Yeah Ron yeah yeah yeah -- -- ending a fantastic line right. He is the new Marc Jacobs is the downtown darling of fashion everybody's -- -- Kate Middleton actually wore -- -- in Korea last week. From the show that they didn't show in the show because they sent it to Kate Middleton what was the highlight. I don't -- again he had a lot of red in the show great white has layers of sheer chiffon -- love customers or bring that rate and the floral print that part of the collection that Kate Middleton more lot look. -- -- -- And that -- up with that there's that that's a showstopper that the -- separate notice it's almost like it's flying down the middle of it which makes it modern very influenced by Alexander McQueen. Lott and Lott as and inventors make this party -- just -- an elegant he's the one to watch but who would your favorite design my -- with my little -- -- Catherine Mellon Arena she's shown here for years. And we actually went shopping. Of this summer we -- bike rides and kept them -- really fun -- a lot of the jackets initial because jackets are serving or inspired from our background at lucky because her line -- is beautiful on elegant and ladylike. But it -- it's never too too expensive. You know what I mean about her is she right absolutely look at how awkwardly at that jacket -- that beautiful with the sheer inserts but why let white hat -- highways and Marion. And the jacket on the race is all been that needed motorcycle jacket that based on -- jacket she was wearing it the show that we ignited intense -- -- -- -- -- cut out. Yes look like an ocean when ocean seem to have a big influence money that you -- -- -- whole -- in Tulsa you can eat all the -- that yellow jumpsuit just turquoise pants. All those beautiful bold shocking -- -- -- not quite neon but -- -- so what is the -- of the season these things. We'll get to pick a lot of black a lot of Y La red and then these beautiful shot and shocking pink was everywhere we supplement -- you that the -- -- almost a little more shocking and a little more neon a little electric. Right now writes we -- in -- caller -- cropped jacket crap I'm -- jacket and not -- highways did everything right it's all about playing with the portions if your -- is -- -- -- Jack your pants and you want -- to be -- cropped or long. It's a bomb not matching proportionately -- the payment -- -- the spirit the skirts are really behind her Alina did way below the knee and she did really short flirty. So it's not all of the all over the place it's personal stuff. I love it and I think -- -- -- the president and that you you know I like that they got -- I gotta pop rebel and and.

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{"id":17240135,"title":"Fashion Week Round Up","duration":"3:00","description":"Phillip Bloch reviews Katie Holmes' & Rachel Zoe's NYFW debuts","url":"/Entertainment/video/fashion-week-round-17240135","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}