'Fire Breathing Idiot' vs. World's Hottest Pepper

Ted Barrus eats several Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, the world's hottest pepper.
3:00 | 02/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Fire Breathing Idiot' vs. World's Hottest Pepper
Everything they hear us and we got good video for US. Well whole world us more. Hotly. Care she goes crunchy Fellini and -- Anything which is hot and in need her and her hot. Even watch news there's a new governor needs the world's hottest. Pops out it over to millions who pollutants. Not every -- can be -- -- east might be yes. These are Maru score and -- -- To meet from -- -- Florida. Blues YET. -- I needed to -- and you do eat eat eat our chilly gray hair yes you know. Well. And maybe maybe not he -- -- time. Yes I do I have some -- scorpions. That I think this is going to be too hot -- -- -- that didn't. -- -- Not. -- really good I was he. Though he at all -- -- tomatoes. -- -- -- -- It. Looks like -- that. -- -- Let me. Well I don't know supposed to get mind he picks. Well -- -- I have these murder of historians. I just wanted to -- that don't know. He's got to look like little important popcorn dep urged highlight pop corn peppers -- -- popcorn beverages like. -- -- -- Very pretty. -- And it's getting really. Somebody's and he opened here. Three. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- It is. Good. I don't -- -- these -- at least twice -- three straight. -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming out of this endeavor just so now they're -- -- -- -- the world. To his home. Four. -- -- -- -- goes down. We've got to let them -- it. I have no. -- god knows the -- told me. -- -- It. Hurts so bad. I don't in this -- -- -- -- -- -- Only 37 seconds at. But Lydia time. It's really hard to top guys. And -- as time goes by -- on YouTube. I believe he got received from for flavor chili's super hot chili. From Jim Duffy and I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is a lot lately because you've seen. The steady of their highest ever in the world. This is he's agree -- Two million. -- I can't -- Over that -- this is the worst thing ever done. It's all of them. Two minutes she's in neighborhoods this. -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- My whole head is going to. And so they have -- challenges -- in the next couple weeks. Some of them are guaranteed to make me better. You know -- in skinny isn't. Jones is guaranteed -- heart attack. -- -- -- My head an entire building is. Thousand pins and needles I can tell -- everything is anything. She's her church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. I really wanted money. If you. I can't even think of anything clever to -- He said this is hurt. I've -- things -- -- -- There's everybody fresh diversity. Great series and -- as hell and throw out. She's heard so that. Parade chairman cheeks I don't know what's going only -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 4748. Where -- -- 52 more seconds. And then. But little of this Little -- loved my throat. -- This is all -- have to house. Yeah but he asserts. The difference between. The scorpions in the -- The boots the different -- -- -- little kid is vigil here. As a very long -- it doesn't get -- hot but it takes a lot longer. And it last longer. The scorpions. Peak pretty quickly. As just miserable man. I think the -- -- always know. -- -- Sour -- My favorites buttermilk. -- and lactose intolerant so this is the worst thing I can do. He can't even imagine what's going -- -- great now. -- -- -- -- -- -- So three which is -- harness the rebels. NGOs. Or -- rollers you tell me what you big -- the hottest. For the biggest city you don't need to get the fire breathing idiot -- steadily but please subscribe. Share and like.

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{"id":15747501,"title":"'Fire Breathing Idiot' vs. World's Hottest Pepper","duration":"3:00","description":"Ted Barrus eats several Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, the world's hottest pepper.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fire-breathing-idiot-worlds-hottest-pepper-15747501","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}