Will Fox News drop Bill O'Reilly?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the claims brought against O'Reilly.
6:39 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Will Fox News drop Bill O'Reilly?
No not flatly. Bill all Ratliff. Well at an all rotten. It is Tom and fox could be coming to an end afternoon. Half half half I have to. New harassment claim has emerged the latest is a woman claims she was sexually and racially harassed while Riley who called her. Hot chocolate. Think my back hit deal or not much. Allegedly but when it imminent looking or witty these type format chocolate and well and that's why couldn't call the Burke Tulsa. Sir. Nobody artists trying to beat you know that would have been a good idea yet on any level is not enough blades I just you know it just that. I don't know if you need dean. This is an indication out. Now if you plaza my cannot. Skylight. Now. Hanoi that's gonna happen but it will give schools in the White House is it surprising that. This behaviors gotten a pass because remember RO Reilly's ratings went off after the last out next. I think they're in in a lot of places right now specifically getting a little nervous because I think this is gone on for years. And as we talked when Gretchen Carlson was here she asked each one of us have you ever experiences and I think everyone has to a certain level experience it. But I ink. Often times you just think it's part of the environment as a woman he does is push through I think he can always get a job in India grant chiefs and there's always room for as some other arrests or Palin I'm pregnant straight average prompted him neighbor Eileen gray they are Riley did anything wrong but what's interesting to me and what's disturbing. If that Fox News knew that there were settlements with women. For sexual harassment I think Bill O'Reilly paid out about thirteen million dollars in settlements and untreated youth boxing out and bill. And they renewed his contract despite its. That's it it's all about money. And if you're not hot and no one Schilling knew anything and they're gonna keep doubling down money yet no one has only two appetizers the money exactly is yeah given. Laughs isn't he's got to pluck residents of every day and about a hostile work environment and in the cultures seem to have come. All the way from the top you get rid of Roger Ailes will that is not cleaning house when you have the vestiges of that sexual harassment cultures just laid there and he said he never talk with. He would never talked or not even hello except a grunt at her like a wild or. And then I would not let this is not chocolate up keep it here at current. The near her and he would always do this win no one else was around and she was scared yeah. She look at her cleavage and her cleavage for light and color hot chocolate and many wonder if he's try to scare her get late with chizik death. I have to say this. Top Bill O'Reilly of course has denied these allegations and his attorney mark castle it's says this most recent allegation hot chocolate allegation. It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happens almost a decade ago. It's being treated as fact especially where there's obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists. And lawyers to destroy mr. O'Reilly swallow not Saudi money sorry yeah disdain for the record hot passing is not you don't want to go beyond Taliban yeah. Not so now about it I don't I don't mean there's a PR disaster going on over Fox News right now meaning that you you have to be blind not to see it you have Roger Ailes of course that was a consequence for him. Now you have Bill O'Reilly you have many females who work there that the Murdoch's if they're Smart need to step up and for tax. Because those people weren't gonna play that has gotten a reputation now that if you harassed some wouldn't you. It goes on for a long time potentially it takes very courageous women to stand up step up and stand up to that. So they have a responsibility to those women that are employed there right now to say that if we know that something's going on and if there's a record on the of allegations and people are coming out and this is negatively affecting not only the brand and the money. Look at the safety and security at that work environments Carmelo. It's hot line if it does look I bought and money if and and Rupert Murdoch I was reading just probably just read it. But he's trying to do him deal would only sky television which is an international IIC a Vonnegut never go get our skies like CNN. And he's trying to get back and then I couldn't go along with us I don't think so it's really his his days are numbered I don't obviously going to be toast would not thought. What I'll turn house yet. I actually do believe though that the Murdoch kids who often. Do you do genuinely care about a lot of these issues on the branding of the network and do you want to create an environment where women's. Employees and viewers lots of women watch Fox News I will look into this Contra I don't know I don't know why they did that I think what you see right now going on well there's no and no one bailed. Captain and Indiana times. Broke the story you know so it just in outlet. We see this in all kinds of places this is not a new I'm new starting this is just gotten the most attention. So if you want to protect women when they're telling you this is going not. Pay attention. Otherwise. You know it's going to come up is you're seeing people saying in all I want my company associated with this savvy women in my company. So if unless you want to make a shift. You up until there you have women on network right now like to leverage in ski I know very well who who is suing the network who is in was making these charges. And she's on air right now that networks so if your you know. If if your you have a responsibility for those people's unsafe and keep it can't all be about money at it can't all I ask that you cannot have sexual harassment running rampant that you're sure that they still unlock and lock on the plus side you should be able to look for some humanity in these organizations still and much side usually out that be nice Ash Wednesday all in addition all like. Look for all kinds of great stuff everywhere but I realities are hearing is its bid for over twenty years and ya let it happen. Self. We see it people of not less to do. You have to make its lights.

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{"id":46889037,"title":"Will Fox News drop Bill O'Reilly?","duration":"6:39","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the claims brought against O'Reilly.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fox-news-drop-bill-oreilly-46889037","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}