Will Gary Oldman Finally Get the Oscar?

Versatile actor logs great performance in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."
6:25 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Will Gary Oldman Finally Get the Oscar?
I'm retired. You find. Eighties. Some time ago control. With some suggestion. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you just seen a scene from tinker tailor soldier spy -- John -- all starring Gary Oldman and we hear brilliantly. Have brought -- aerial. Do you feel the responsibility of the weight of the -- on my shoulders and you just explain for everybody in two sentences. What tinker -- soldiers buys about tickets has -- his spine and one it's obviously the world of espionage. I play George Smiley. Who is altitude from the -- the secret intelligence service. In the -- key. And forced into the time when -- in the funds that. A -- Very -- whose whose workings -- doubtful we'll see some sun. And prove me backing. To investigate. In that in an option. So I have to ask given all this and given this huge cast than and you. Basically. Internalized. This guy -- -- he doesn't show his emotions. On the surface that there. -- would you made a good. -- thing on. It's my conscience is. Are not com. Don't truck acquittals that. Eight. Infidelity. Some -- Are com line. On. That's the worst -- to have a talent interview -- -- com. So well so what are you start again so what -- Like I know it's not in my mind I'm terrible. Six thing in my -- you know on site. It. What's that what's the one thing that property -- And their favorite. Lying in that movie made in 1980 yeah. -- site now and say yes I say. I think you -- what you're doing next what you -- When you reading it. With this film. Communist in Qatar episodes it's fun. Said he died. And I know I live in this -- -- supplies. But because this performance is so recesses people. Who know you. Who look at -- -- we remember the big. Depicts ICE Dracula when I see. Sid Vicious. I he Mason for care and Hannibal taking on -- Now he can't -- who is the real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Often people. I'm frightened than people think -- That's one of the things that was surprised that I mean note that you know they -- but -- -- I went through that period -- to those two movies from the vessel. It was this big explains -- In -- in the professional. And then -- -- other. Crazy movie with him. This film singing for months. Because it's like to -- -- by now. That was the right well it's OK -- that we had a plastic think about it. Cut it out of and then you get and then those are the ones that people -- Michael and -- thing. I got -- costs to did you take these -- home with you know I don't think you can I mean who would wanna. Could you -- going hung with Drexel. -- having dinner with him. Since we all -- to you and you're such a community. And when you are playing George -- in this you're playing a role pianist played back in the seventies -- And ABC series that a lot of people remember Denver area so does he like -- -- Behind you. Are we doing this are you thinking about him I mean it's the dragon con -- and the -- I mean that the dragon in my head and -- more than anything -- on Bosnia and it was considered by many that the definitive. Opponents he was the -- line. So many years -- -- -- and I think Gary. Alec Guinness of course David definitive portrait a vision for what it was like what you'd like to have it go cups. It keeps you on -- -- You know use -- playing carried terror that is that is. -- -- closed off from -- in the interior. I think you can't uncle might -- -- couldn't have done it when I was I couldn't have done it when -- was turning -- I'm bringing three decades of experience to it and the confidence -- -- Some -- you find the courage and of the confidence. To be -- two to play that smoke. That just comes with our engines. And then. In an experience and and then you've got to just basically -- the polls site. -- -- a half ago. -- he was with me on the way. I just can't look at a blank screen this decision and I thought. -- I'm that way.

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{"id":15122241,"title":"Will Gary Oldman Finally Get the Oscar? ","duration":"6:25","description":"Versatile actor logs great performance in \"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/gary-oldman-finally-oscar-15122241","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}