Gerard Butler Rescued at Sea

The actor was pulled to safety from waves in northern California.
0:31 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gerard Butler Rescued at Sea
Chris Jerry -- for actor Gerard Butler on the set of his new surfing movie star 300 and machine gun preacher. Had to be rescued from the waters in northern California after being swallowed up by some pretty big ways -- was held underwater for a period of time. Before he was finally pulled to safety. He was shaken up but otherwise he was okay. Butler's shooting the movie of men and mavericks the mavericks a legendary surf break known for its massive. Pretty dangerous --

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{"id":15199197,"title":"Gerard Butler Rescued at Sea","duration":"0:31","description":"The actor was pulled to safety from waves in northern California.","url":"/Entertainment/video/gerard-butler-rescued-at-sea-15199197","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}