Gina Carano Bruises Hollywood Stars

MMA star Gina Carano on "fighting" her "Haywire" co-stars on a Hollywood set.
7:38 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Gina Carano Bruises Hollywood Stars
One of the great fight scenes I've -- -- -- You. In that hotel room and -- and it's really special I've never seen heads bashed. In a way that right I was ducking from doing it. Did you feel in the scene like that more in control than he did as an actor. It's like you're. I did I get home you camera that -- felt really comfortable on stage. Because I don't it was. It was -- there was. -- -- things physicals. And I knew I know how to be physical and it and -- -- the last -- using. They were part of my technique in its. Confident. Does but -- her. I we have really funny stories in. -- -- -- -- -- -- do that. Would be funny everyone. He has his -- story and I have my eyes I want -- -- miners might antitrust there. Haven't been destroyed a variety. So it's the Stephen -- like many gay. Michaels snatching your patents in its law really -- -- -- you have an apartment. -- At the heart law. And so and then I'd take that -- -- -- masters. But he's not on the have to extra pass them and that it does to people when it adds that -- Like okay. Action Michael takes -- stances aren't that -- and it just. I don't know blacked out and it was habit and that -- -- -- from -- -- answers this like. I'm so I had. Witnesses over my movies. And Michael. In some ways about it thank guys on your -- -- -- -- When I see you in this movie with these other actors who haven't done this or who -- fight choreography done you know. And none of them -- -- interest. Now so they're doing TV -- guys fight differently. About the rising expenses with the -- -- -- -- perfect economic -- But when something is -- scenes with and their -- such personality and authenticity. Saying. It's so and makes its -- -- and -- -- and he's very passionate very. You know very athletic and -- And he danced and dances. -- -- -- -- I was -- on but that Michael passed as a tricky you know he'll use anything cycle means that a Irish men you know let's. Let's do everything -- -- anything. And then there's UN incredibly Smart and really really picked and we had -- and -- that. Fight and they picked that the technique super X. There is I think whoever whoever you are right now and you that he got something -- natural whatever inside of you would come -- thing. I would run. I have would be you let your personal diet yet have run accident -- for. But would be nice ago. -- -- he gave everything up for. So -- back to the government option. What was the toughest scene for you we weren't fighting and now what was the one that we eat the night before yet to do she -- -- -- Gina. -- I think it was. That. It's like on this when. And -- Acting. Eight. Girls like. The and then my analysis it was such a different feeling make it's interesting that -- Different actors bring different feelings hopeful that are on -- you -- everything but I'm but then girl on an op. And -- Michael -- very. And -- -- -- -- Mike Michael OK what's going on Craig didn't run it after by the weather that Clinton. And it. With respect and body. Click on. That went wrong. And -- And and -- -- Hearing. First about who's going -- -- I think. -- -- Cameras like. And and it. He Wired News going to be. In your hands and -- -- And act like with. Open arms. Out. -- -- act that happened. -- -- -- -- -- Something -- And Austin there are the last question here. It's always about joy. -- about tests. And. One little piece of song you're. Going. The use. Oh and if if and I'm scared yeah -- Maybe you could do the that weird joke. Not -- -- it odd that -- Open to something else that would damage. With. -- -- -- -- -- It's an excellent medical out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's saying is actually. -- -- --

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{"id":15405480,"title":"Gina Carano Bruises Hollywood Stars","duration":"7:38","description":"MMA star Gina Carano on \"fighting\" her \"Haywire\" co-stars on a Hollywood set.","url":"/Entertainment/video/gina-carano-bruises-hollywood-stars-15405480","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}