Rooney Mara Becomes 'Girl with The Dragon Tattoo'

The inside scoop on the transformation into Lisbeth Salander.
6:53 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Rooney Mara Becomes 'Girl with The Dragon Tattoo'
-- -- -- -- -- Story and me any. Good you think you thought. I'm the guy you know better than my closest friends -- When personal personal. -- girlfriend. Hello everybody you have just seen a scene from the girl with the dragon tattoo starring -- and very cleverly rooting hard. Ours here right after the -- that we just -- pretend to start off. That I'm from Mars which a lot of people believe -- And. Just know nothing about the whole millennium trilogy the girl dragging it to the two sequels the search. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We know nothing I -- the -- Who issue. Who is this. First. He's kind of hard to she can't be defined. Obama couldn't -- What kind of -- character that you know you start reading them boxer you know when watching me. Kind of some you have to discoveries -- -- -- And in and I think you know most people on fall in love with her but she's sort of she's she's -- -- -- discovery and she's unlike anyone here read about it in the orange he. Sort of girl who -- plan on him. Thanks for tomorrow. -- equipment. But she doesn't look. Just have a look at I think -- -- is very interesting in Stockholm you know are they thinking pattern and diligence just. -- You know to me I think it's it's. You know much from our characters that Washington. Here in the beginning of awards season you are now a Golden Globe nominee for best actress once -- player -- it out there in the world. And people start talking of awards like -- and -- the Oscar. A lot of denial -- a little luck but I already locking it down -- to think about that part of it too much you know. It's not really away I don't think it's really -- to meant to measure success it's really. You know it's certainly a nice honest and very it's nice when you worked so hard -- something people recognize that work. But really you know I just want I want the audience development and -- -- -- more important. Yeah. You help me catch a killer of women. So it was what was it September of last year that you began this. Shooting this the end of August access to -- August. -- -- -- -- -- No I'm sure no trepidation at all. Who really care of everybody wanted to play this and worse than the fact that there were other actresses that wanted this. Everybody including me who's written book idea. Whose -- on -- so. I'm looking at you feel -- tonight so how did you deal with the idea that you were going to play. You know I was very lucky in that I have David offered me the part in the five days later I was on plain and -- have them it's time to really even think about it. What other people father -- Character. You know I got to stop -- I was immediately -- thrown into. Working all day every day training in it and you know researching the part and -- I don't think it could have really gone into worrying about. Went lenient 659 people think about this character I read the books as well I had -- thank -- who she wasn't. You know I was the person hired to it to bring her life says that they did. But there's a lot that is best done in a kind of silence. There's she's not sitting there expressing herself about her ever thought in -- It's gonna comment a year yet and I had 26 years of Pakistan. As you. Let us up to 26 years of silence that just waiting for this via no win. When he set out to do it in -- eye you're saying it's just five days before but you -- talking to him about it look he you're in the social network. And this character that you plane that is nothing like that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just talking about liking guys who -- crew because. People don't like grossly -- you know about it and yes very fast and do -- wanted out of that they gave -- pictures today. That's. Why don't think he you know David didn't wanna -- -- for the part -- -- and I think it's for that exact reason. You know -- his -- the social and are accused looking for someone to fill all these. Things that he needed in and none of the matched up with with someone there. I think -- quite confused by -- himself and it took it didn't take that long but it definitely took a little bit of convincing and then once you behind me is behind me. What was the scariest thing. Was it appears things -- -- you know having to put yourself in another mindset. Oh was it being naked was it -- -- I wasn't really scared to do any of this things you know I was definitely hesitant to ride the motorcycle connect. -- -- -- -- I was really excited to do all of -- things. You know they're all really important parts of her character and I don't -- could have really gotten into it kind of hesitant I mean this thing. I can't find any record of and I'm pretty good at I think. We're really matter what we're going to speak to -- yes what about. All right you getting to know your costars Daniel Craig relationship that this -- Kind of family. -- Yet you know means and -- that really working much movie we have a lot of ground most of -- separate. He's just he's easy to regretting -- -- You know he's really going in. Very straightforward and losers and generous actor in I don't think I can imagine anywhere else -- -- -- -- perfectly cast. Why didn't really grow up having -- side you know. Now you -- haven't lived in. My dad died for --

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{"id":15260370,"title":"Rooney Mara Becomes 'Girl with The Dragon Tattoo'","duration":"6:53","description":"The inside scoop on the transformation into Lisbeth Salander.","url":"/Entertainment/video/girl-dragon-tattoo-interview-rooney-mara-discusses-iconic-15260370","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}