Packers Fan Cries Over Loss

Casey doesn't hide her disappointment over her team's loss to the Giants.
1:35 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Packers Fan Cries Over Loss
Everybody this is I don't have some fact Packers fans here in the audience but. This is up -- spending Casey was a bigger fan than you guys because. She was very upset after the Packers lost the giants on Sunday. So upset that she started crying in her sister wisely took the opportunity to videotape her. Posted to YouTube for all of us to enjoy -- too. The club -- -- -- Then again. Everybody here is the. -- -- -- OK. Good. Good good. -- -- Actually might come in handy when she goes to the windshield because his sister -- video while you drive.

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{"id":15392203,"title":"Packers Fan Cries Over Loss","duration":"1:35","description":"Casey doesn't hide her disappointment over her team's loss to the Giants.","url":"/Entertainment/video/green-bay-packers-fan-cries-over-sparkles-and-loss-15392203","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}