Most Hated 'Bachelor' Contestant Ever?

"US Weekly" with the scoop on how Courtney has fooled Ben.
3:27 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Most Hated 'Bachelor' Contestant Ever?
And if you all caught up on the latest celebrities were back have been stopped from us weekly is here with all that UCD count higher -- -- at the end to see you after cover story about and the bachelor and Courtney the brawl that everyone loves to hate when that story there well she watching. So this evening in this -- of the obvious villain everybody hates her she's just awful -- the other women. -- and he's a different side to her on the show she's so nice and loving and skinny -- at him and we've heard from sources that he actually is -- -- injured. So the idea that this model likes him kind of -- concrete he loves it he -- that he's totally when. Totally -- but then we've also heard a little bit maybe he started he the other side of her he of course watches this so he's seeing this other other part of Courtney and of course. We don't know how this -- out. In in real high yes we may have an idea that we -- you're an. I think that's really indicated an ally -- deference to the gritty well. Continue long fair and certainly unexpected reality TV -- yes after now. Demi Moore how is she doing we now that he's -- -- humans and Bruce Willis came up anything. Will Bruce she's definitely. And -- he's really been there for Harry's been taking care of to be younger kids while she's gone and you know he was photographed picking -- stuff from her house and we've heard from sources that. A lot of her family and friends actually -- action picture there allowed her travels so they're very happy that races and stepping -- and being positive and and -- -- -- any move yet hasn't sent any thing he's been tweeting up a storm but not about her which is probably for the best to -- separate. He's. When he was his birthday yesterday he's been keeping a low profile -- When he was in Palo. -- I think it was not -- it out ahead they haven't been talking me now do we know how would mean doing he getting better. -- hurts people close to her keeping things very very quiet. Understandably. Getting treatment but she's -- in the right direction. I'm -- it's our lives and time we've heard from sources. And that's the place to be tired -- turning -- -- -- Now looking forward not -- -- around the corner and it seems like there may be very -- that's out there on Valentine's Day. Or Warren -- without her -- literally. This would be their first Valentine's Day together -- married couple but he has since he's left for the Falkland Islands where he's duty as a military it's. And -- well on his his guests. Some of his friends say he's a pilot -- at a prints and it's great he's really kept up with what he started pretty wonderful. That she will not be too lonely she's really bonded with the queen. So they'd been spending time together has -- with the Green and that's not a bad spot to be an arrow she's -- charity work on -- -- about and we hear from sources that leans very romantic and we shouldn't be surprised if he sends flowers and chocolate something that's something we and something tells me that she won't be. She won't be to them -- -- a high Catholic navy and they can talk on the phone thirty minutes a week or something like that now what is left turns from. It's of a six week trip. We're not -- not -- economy. The fact that I picked up -- Mexico as an act and that I beckoning that they keep them -- time.

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{"id":15541413,"title":"Most Hated 'Bachelor' Contestant Ever?","duration":"3:27","description":"\"US Weekly\" with the scoop on how Courtney has fooled Ben.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hated-bachelor-contestant-15541413","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}