When the Honeymoon's Over

Why the reality TV mom-to-be is fighting back.
9:40 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for When the Honeymoon's Over
She as if marriage isn't tough enough -- imagine having -- relationship scrutinized for the entire world to see. On television well that's exactly what's happening on three TDs marriage boot camp take a look. Not. -- -- -- highly -- but not a good way. Keep the history it's not. Were we locked our door and the first thing we see is everything possibly native that has ever been said in the -- It really makes you question whether this was the place you come -- for actual house. Yeah that is the way it started -- overnight -- -- maccast we can these mayors who campus in the studio today. Of course you know urging Farley -- to the world as jwoww fiance Roger Matthews. Traci Braxton who of course -- the soulful singing Braxton sisters and her husband and it's all right guys thanks much for stopping by -- -- -- -- -- ourselves because somebody -- each one of you individually which. It just right and that's in my mind was asking this question you really -- because. The starting up the Jersey Shore I was my own and he challenges me Jenny -- But when you become engaged and people currently live out -- relationship by TV efforts the timing keys men. Are one year anniversary -- you start to become a package. So nobody wants shedding any light -- -- and rock taxes so I got caught with may have I want to keep a career -- a -- -- I'll be honest with -- there was there -- a little bit hesitation deciding not -- doing this show I'll absolutely. Was heavily and we talked about. And we decide ultimately were made a decision horses we thought it would be good thing for us we didn't think that it could hurt us. -- -- -- But then like the week going -- -- the house be -- -- we're pregnant. And then I'm like that I don't know what in -- at this point because we -- that is. Chain -- on physical activity as you hear it that -- -- course isn't. Obstacles in coming I had in my gather more emotional base -- -- might. Jumping out of an airplane obviously I can't do that -- Because your big. A lot of emotional soul searching but a lot of physical soul searching as well Traci yeah you know you you guys have been very. Very vocal about the ups and downs you've had in relationships he. So why did you guys decide that you and broadcaster for everyone to see -- -- Relay -- and a -- yeah I think you have to have a certain degree of confidence in your records and because people -- that there been problems yes absolutely I mean we felt like -- didn't analyze there is I mean we definitely know that you wanna beat up old is married couple wanted to show. But I thought some enlightenment is -- helping. Atlanta didn't hear and then there like right now. I mean really wanted to little community. Yeah yeah and we appreciate anybody. Is this sense different dynamics and house Rebecca for -- -- -- at. Twenty -- whether it -- -- -- different backgrounds the common denominator was reality TV has all been through. You know hearing stories of this experience and -- -- persevered through it helped also and maybe it wasn't the exact same scenario would have helped us -- it allow that's and we -- looking at things. Roger was my -- because I didn't really want to be involved -- -- as a family values. As 1 morning compliments Traci -- -- and that's you have appears as much as possible. So why there was novelist and -- -- -- it has found a minute now so. Everything you got what you -- have an alliance with the husband's club that's gone into this that we don't. I think ultimately -- is that you know global view ladies -- our administrators students of the cameras so. You you've dealt with that but. Yeah but Bryant -- the only other really it was and it before anything is Bruntlett. But no bomb -- lately I think they let the original. The house five. So that those -- that is if they they have their own little -- out of the anti reality TV. Live -- mind and when you had said you you talked about your marriage and in and you'd have -- said that there have been some points of infidelity -- union relationship work. And at one point you had said that you felt like you were prostitute. -- -- -- But it ultimately whether it was it was detonated -- because it made a joke of me but -- -- -- It's a wet. Hey man this is why the -- Outlook our public TMC just. How organized are coming -- you in the morning sometime this you know do I had to wake up raising the students. -- -- -- -- I think that -- do. Equivalent. At -- that you guys that the youth sports and an alliance -- And hey we're -- Wanted the best thing America. You find that I have is fair play is ever going to get along in the house or has there been some surprising -- Anyway. An opinion. Other people's relationships because that's just how we are. And but generally speaking it's not like the past seasons. This is definitely I think pan -- I hear from them. We -- and I don't obviously and I we -- production. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- guitar playing -- -- and if one house all day long and every day and -- it cannot -- other people. Out of the earth -- a first for me -- -- -- -- I've never been in the house you can only. CE the diseases that commitment. That's all that's the only other operating right does it had act now. -- had about -- from two months ago. -- -- -- -- -- Anyway -- very open minded. You know probably never thinking that after the show -- would remain good friends keep in touch with everybody and it's really been the case -- really you -- keep -- -- everybody. Personally Trenton I don't get along the lines and can. -- -- the coastal differences did you don't just live in the U ground enterprise and activated stems from their. But he was so all honest and forthcoming that you know there's a related ability you know than anybody trying to BS their way -- win. But it wasn't we all related to each other very well we related to each other's experiences and I think we all. And that column on we only had done the same time when. Production maybe try to get this resolved we didn't wanna do -- Milton avenue you know. What a quick one went went went to me is that to me that's over the past Los Angeles production -- -- -- production right what we -- can happen in an entity. You know. It's just exercises that like Jim and Elizabeth believe it -- but flake. Vegas and exercise would be like you that have to scream at each other and get it -- out where I'm thinking. Long term life I can start screaming there but that's how much. Now that I look like and cursing him out for no reason then we reliving all been edited in the second -- like. -- Boring TV doesn't stop -- TV -- -- Drop us -- because it's it's getting it's getting concentrated on 24 hour experience is getting concentrated but the point 42 minutes. It -- do you think that -- -- for trade fair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly. That's not me as I said I did it and you don't see me pick my nose Foreman is trying in my own and. I -- -- -- I had that. Don't know if -- many say I don't know well that current zones -- -- -- was not there was -- Think about it. Practically and and yeah. A -- the listen I'm gonna. You know that was going -- and won't know and then -- didn't. The big moment it's. I don't -- you are and not. Stronger relationships that before -- ago didn't do you have stronger relationships because of this experience. Yeah Adams most management tools now to use and -- we we realize that -- different -- being infected animals and and we go about things differently about that big shots and now we have to look like dealing and meaning behind us yeah there's different groups whose content. And have a communication equipment wouldn't even talk we will be angry with -- -- out there twenty years is Holden we I mean that they. It was probably talk but we -- -- you know who's making the -- you know. -- effect do you want them. That's gotten. I think at the international side -- -- -- So now we learn from you without words and steady hand in this movement. Are very good -- EJ -- Rodgers Tracey Kaplan thank you guys in my state and Texas --

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{"id":23921010,"title":"When the Honeymoon's Over","duration":"9:40","description":"Why the reality TV mom-to-be is fighting back.","url":"/Entertainment/video/honeymoons-marriage-bootcamp-wetv-23921010","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}